5 Old-Fashioned Game Sets to Add Some Sophistication to Your Next Game Night with The Guys

best vintage game sets
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* Games that have stood the test of time
* Give your game nights a classic vibe
* From famous brain teasers to bingo

Keep your game nights from getting old and stale, ironically by updating them with these cool, refined old-fashioned game sets. Add some ambiance of the classics for the next time you get together with your friends for some fun and games. We’re not saying you have to go all out and wear spats and suspenders with these, but we’re also not saying you can’t. And if you already sport one of those “steam locomotive driver,” bears we see from time to time at Intelligentsia, you’re halfway there already.

1. Vintage Bingo Set

Nothing says “fun for all ages,” like bingo. Let the old times roll with this vintage-looking bingo set. It comes with instructions so even the youths can figure it out too.

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2. Premium Backgammon Set

This backgammon set comes in a sturdy traditional briefcase style for easy carrying and features classic design. And talk about standing the test of time: Backgammon traces its history back to ancient Mesopotamia, where it was known far and wide as the “royal game of Ur.” The oldest known set of dice were, apparently, made from human bones.

Backgammon Image Courtesy Amazon

3. Handcrafted Triangle Puzzle

A great distraction or challenge, this traditional wooden puzzle game is deceptively simple.

Triangle game Image Courtesy Amazon

4. Cribbage Board

With its classic looks and high quality wood construction, this small three-person cribbage board is a no brainer for game rooms and even makes a great take-on-the-road with you entertainment.

Cribbage Image Courtesy Amazon

5. Magnetic Folding Chess Set

This handy folding chess set mixes the old with the new, featuring traditionally designed pieces and a compact form.

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