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This Neat Alarm Clock Can Wake You Up With The Smell of Bacon or Coffee

* Open your eyes to the sweet scents of coffee and bacon
* Comes with a built-in diffuser to add some sweet scents
* Wake up naturally to the smell of your favorite breakfast staples

Are you tired of waking up to that annoying buzzing sound your alarm clock makes every morning? Wouldn’t it be nicer to start your day listening to the lush sounds of waves gently hitting the shore and the sweet aromas of bacon and coffee? Well, now you can, thanks to this olfactory alarm clock.

With its own built-in diffuser, this clock lets you wake up to your favorite scents. Here’s how it works: The clock itself will start emitting the scents exactly three minutes before the alarm goes off, so if the sweet smells of bacon don’t wake you up in the morning, the buzzer definitely will.

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Image courtesy of Think Geek

With three different scent options (bacon, coffee and the ambiguous “paradise”), you simply add whatever capsule your nostrils desire and enjoy a much more agreeable way to wake up in the morning. What’s more, the clock itself features its own night light, FM radio, snooze option and comes with different alarm melodies.

A great gift for people who hate mornings, or for people who simply have a hard time getting out of bed, this delicious device is sure to help you start your day off the savory way. Just remember to buy the scent capsules separately, as the clock itself doesn’t come with any.


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