Nope, You’re Definitely Not Too Old to Rock a Onesie This Halloween

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So… is Halloween cancelled this year? We’re not entirely sure  yet, but it’s probably going to look different than previous years. Instead of donning your scariest Halloween costume, dressing up in some timely pop culture reference or matching with your S.O and heading to your favorite bar, you’re most likely going to stay inside. Does that mean you still can’t celebrate this spooky holiday the way it was meant to be celebrated? Absolutely not. In fact, this shift might even work in your favor.

Since the couch is going to be our venue of choice this year you might as well be comfortable, and being comfortable means onesies. Some label onesie Halloween costumes as lazy but in my humble opinion they’re quite the opposite. You’re dedicated to your costume of choice head to toe, no matter how hot or steamy it gets inside. There’s no doubt about what you are whilst wearing a onesie and there’s no concern about a wardrobe malfunction making you wish you had picked something with a bit more coverage.

No matter what you end up doing on this year’s Hallow’s Eve the onesie costume is a great choice and one you certainly won’t regret. Here are some of our favorite onesie Halloween costumes to rock this year and beyond. We’ve included some characters from movie and television, animals and some classic spooky Halloween designs as well.

1. Adult Zipster Jack-o’-Lantern Onesie Halloween Costume

There’ll be no guessing whether you’re in the Halloween spirit or not with this onesie costume. This classic jack-o’-lantern design features a face printed on the front and accompanying hood. It’s made of comfortable fleece and has wrist and ankle cuffs to keep you cozy and warm whilst inside. The zipper front also makes it easy to step in and out of.

Jack-o'-Lantern onesie Halloween costume Courtesy of Party City


2. Tipsy Elves Men’s Skeleton Jumpsuit

This skeleton costume is a comfortable, low-maintenance way to rock a classic Halloween look with ease. It has zippered pockets so your valuables will stay safe throughout the evening and has print on the front and back to complete the look. You can zip up the hood fully and still see through mesh eye covers if you wish, and the whole costume is made of high-quality fabric and is built to last. Enjoy comfort and a convenient scary look with this skeleton getup.

Tipsy Elves men's skeleton onesie halloween costume Courtesy of Amazon


3. Silver Lilly Plush Kangaroo One Piece Halloween Costume

This adorable kangaroo costume is cozy and includes anatomical details including a hood with eyes, teeth and a nose for the full effect of the outfit. It has a tail and a pouch in the front to hold an included baby joey in. The plush materials in this costume are warm and soft to the touch and it has a dependable button closure for a loose, comfortable fit. It has two front pockets for convenience and allows you the flexibility of movement while still being a full-body costume.

Kangaroo One Piece Onesie Halloween Costume Courtesy of Amazon


4. Adult Zipster Cow Onesie Halloween Costume

Moo-ve on this one folks! A cow is one of the best and most recognizable onesie Halloween costumes out there. This one is made of comfortable fleece and features a hood, ankle and wrist cuffs for staying warm. The stuffed tail, horns and extra fuzz will ensure that no one will be lost on what you are, and with the smiling cow face your vibes will be in the spirit no matter what. The convenient front zipper ensures that you can jump in and out of this costume whenever you feel like it.

cow onesie halloween costume Courtesy of Party City


5. Just Love Alligator Onesie Halloween Costume

This alligator onesie Halloween costume features fun, bright colors made of a soft synthetic material that’ll keep you comfortable all night long. The costume is designed to have enough room for movement and it’s designed for durability with lock stitched seams. This costume is machine-washable, and easy to clean in order to keep the colors bright. It comes with eyeballs, scales all the way down the back and teeth as well.

Just Love Alligator onesie halloween costume Courtesy of Amazon


6. Rubie’s Unisex-Adult Lobster Costume

Who doesn’t want to dress up as a lobster every now and again? This adorable costume is made for both women and men and is a great value for the price. It’s comfortable, warm and features lobster claws, legs, eyes and more. It has an easy zipper closure and comes in a variety of sizes so you can find your perfect fit!

Rubie's unisex lobster onesie halloween costume Courtesy of Amazon


7. Silver Lilly Plush Dinosaur Costume

This one’s a classic onesie move and for good reason, it’s got an eye-catching design and a high-quality execution of this animal favorite. The onesie features a hood with eyes, teeth, nose and scales all down the back. The chest and scale are matching color-wise and the red interior ties the whole look together. It has a button closure, soft plush materials and offers the flexibility to wear whatever you want underneath.

Adult dinosaur onesie halloween costume Courtesy of Amazon


8. Silver Lilly Adult Giraffe Onesie Halloween Costume

What’s your favorite safari animal? If it’s this towering gentle giant than your costume search is over IMO. This soft giraffe onesie also has an incredibly familiar pattern and features two front pockets for carrying around your phone, keys and wallet. Your onesie includes eyes, a nose, mouth, ears and horns for full effect and you can layer clothes on underneath if it’s a particularly brisk evening.

giraffe onesie halloween costume Courtesy of Amazon


9. Adult Zipster Olaf Onesie Halloween Costume

Do you want to dress like a beloved snowman? If you or your partner is a Frozen freak, this Olaf onesie might be the perfect Halloween/Christmas combo investment as this look will stay relevant for the final months of the year post-Halloween. You can stay comfortable and warm in this costume no matter how cold it gets outside, or how much your local government mandates it for safety purposes. Three felt buttons down the front fasten you into the costume that also features twig hair and a carrot nose. Get dressed in a flash and go make a snowman of your own.

Olaf onesie halloween costume Courtesy of Party City


10. Zipster Teenage Mutant Ninja Turles Onesie Halloween Costume

Are you more of a Raphael, Michelangelo, Leonardo or Donatello? With this costume, you get to mix and match with all four masks included so you can pledge your loyalty to one character or switch it up throughout the evening. This design comes straight from the Nickelodeon vault so your getup will be super legit whether you’re out and about or rocking it at home. This green-fleeced jumpsuit has a turtle shell printed on the front and includes printed knee pads, elbow pads and a belt as well.

Zipster Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Onesie Halloween Costumes Courtesy of Party City


11. Adult Zipster Deadpool Onesie Halloween Costume

This Deadpool costume is no joke, and will arm you with exactly what you need to rush off and save the world or cuddle up at home this Halloween. It has a hood that’ll give you coverage with eye holes to make it easy to see how many people are loving your comfortable Halloween look. Complete with a printed tool belt and knee strap all of your theoretical superhero tools are accounted for and the zipper front makes for a super quick and easy costume.

Deadpool Onesie Halloween Costume Courtesy of Party City


12. Adult Zipster Cowardly Lion Onesie Halloween Costume

We’re off to see the Wizard! This Cowardly Lion costume won’t leave you feeling too shy or coy this Halloween with an attached tail, large lion mane, ears and a certified badge of courage to complete the look. This character and costume is a fan favorite for its coziness and recognizability so make it easy for yourself and others this Hallow’s Eve. Even if it’s just to sit at home and enjoy a scary movie, you’ll be glad you’ve got this costume stashed in your closet in case you need a little boost of courage all year long.

cowardly lion onesie halloween costume Courtesy of Party City


13. Men’s Top Gun Flight Suit Costume

Okay so it’s technically not a cozy onesie like the rest of them but it’s still a one-piece outfit we thought was worthy of highlighting on this list. The Top Gun look is a classic one for dudes on Halloween because it’s a fun getup and is easy as pie to pull off. This polyester Top Gun onesie includes patches all over and is designed for durability with tough materials and a pull-on closure. Channel your inner Tom Cruise and even if few other people see your look you can always pull it out again next year.

Top Gun Flight Suit Costume Courtesy of Amazon


14. DC Comics Men’s Justice League Flash Costume

Who doesn’t want to be a part of the Justice League? Channel the power, speed and agility of your favorite Flash characters in this onesie Halloween costume featuring a large embroidered lightning bolt logo and 3D abs for that superhero look. The hood has eye slits for convenience and safety as well as 3D lightning bolt patches that compliment the whole look well. The material is flame resistant and it has a zipper closure for speed and convenience.

Flash One Piece Costume, onesie halloween costume Courtesy of Amazon


15. The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Union Suit Costume

This is another Halloween and Christmas combination outfit that will stay relevant from October 31st straight through to the end of the year. This Jack Union suit comes with a hood printed with his face and the full suit look that’ll pair well with black shoes or slippers.

Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Union Onesie Halloween Costume Courtesy of Amazon