6 Online Courses to Give You an Unfair Advantage at The Office

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* From SEO primers to MBA-level microeconomics
* Courses to give you versatile, transferable skills
* Learn to optimize your web copy and excel at spreadsheets (pun intended)

If you’re looking to boost your skills at work, eyeing that corner office, looking to jump a few rungs on the ol’ corporate ladder, or especially if you’re doing a lateral transition from a technical job into a management track position, these online courses can help you to ace the promotional interviews.

Here are six courses to help you go from running errands to running the show. These are also a convenient way to get “next level” skills for entrepreneurial endeavors as well.

1. Business Analytics

Analytics: it’s more than just what you type into google to get a chart of how your “following” is doing. This course covers the basics of business analytics and gives you a foundation that’s applicable across a wide array of fields and specialties.

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2. SEO

Optimize your optimization with this SEO (search engine optimization) primer from Coursera. Even if you learned about search engine best practices in college, this provides a usefully updated refresher, since after all the robots, and the web they crawl, are hardly static.

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3. Google Analytics Certification

Not only is a Google Analytics certification a great thing to have on a resume, but the course helps you build up skills you’ll use in just about any kind of business.

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4. Microsoft Excel

Excel is like certain other things in life where everyone more or less says they know how to do it, but few have truly mastered it. This course is designed to teach you the ins and outs of this world of spreadsheets and help you, er, excel at Excel.

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5. Analytic Techniques for Business Specialization

This course, offered in partnership with Duke University, aims to teach techniques for pulling “big picture” strategy out of the haze of raw data.

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6. Managerial Economics and Business Analysis Specialization

Part of the MBA coursework, this class goes over the application of macro and microeconomic concepts to the development of business strategy.

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