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These Sleek Storage Solutions from Open Spaces Will Make You Actually Want to Get (and Stay) Organized

Staying organized is an ongoing, uphill battle against the daily threat living, being and messily existing presents to the order of your home. Let’s be honest, human beings are not inherently organized — we have to work at it. When we’ve undressed at the end of the day the last thing we want to do is put our clothes away or in the hamper. When we take a book off of the shelf to reference something, the chances of that book making it back to its original spot as opposed to another home on the coffee table or couch is slim to none. It’s easier that way, and while we want our houses to feel lived in, there’s also a calm that comes with order. Staying organized is all about small daily changes that amount of big results — and having the right containers to organize in and on can help you reach your goal and contribute to the fun.

Open Spaces is a modern storage solutions company aimed at making your home beautiful and helping you keep things in order at the same time.

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They’ve got high-quality, well-made, beautiful pieces ranging from bins to shelves and trays to take care of your belongings big and small. Each piece is designed for longevity, they want each thing you buy from them to grow with you and contribute to your life move after move. Each one is also made with environmentally-friendly materials chosen for a lower carbon footprint along with a longer lifespan.

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Each item is also designed to be versatile in your space — with a wide range of spaces they can fit in, items they can fit on them and uses in general. We’ve picked out a few of our favorite pieces of theirs below, and we encourage you to visit their website and check out everything else they have available to make getting organized “feel better.”

1. Nesting Trays — Set of 3

These nesting trays can transform your nightstand, dresser top or bathroom counter into a display of your smallest belongings that gives both them a home and you something nice to look at. The set consists of a small white-washed wooden tray, a medium plastic tray and a large aluminum tray, designed to be stacked or taken apart depending on your preference.

They’re designed to have an elevated quality you’ll want to organize and display, and are made with responsibly-chosen materials. They can nest together in a variety of combinations are are perfect for storing your everyday items so they’re right where you need them.

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Courtesy of Open Spaces


2. Medium Bins — Set of 2

These medium bins just want to hold your disorganized clutter in them. They’re the definition of multi-use storage as they would look right at home in your bathroom, closet, bedroom or kitchen. The set includes two of these plastic bins with two wooden lids that you can use or not depending on the nature of what you’re keeping inside. They’re made of durable materials that’ll save you money and extra materials over time, making an economic and environmental impact. They’ve got smooth, easy-to-hold handles and a matte finish on the exterior that gives them a warm and light quality.

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Courtesy of Open Storage


3. Entryway Rack

This rack markets itself as perfect for an entryway, which it is, but the truth is you can use it in any room for anything. Shoes in the mudroom? Sure. Books in your bedroom? Yup. Games in your living room for when the mood for competition strikes? You betcha.

This rack is simply designed and comes in five different colors including navy (pictured below). It’s made from steel and has a comfortable handle with rounded corners for easy moving. The steel is high-quality and powder-coated so it’s built to last through all sorts of moves, transformations and life events. It’s also perfectly sized to hold their medium bins and baskets included above.

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Courtesy of Open Spaces