Here Are the Best Places to Order Indoor Plants Online

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Image courtesy of The Sill
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For centuries, people have been decorating their interiors by bringing nature inside. There’s a good reason why house plants have never gone out of style. Not only does adding a bit of greenery provide an extra layer to your interior design, it has also been proven to purify the air in your home and boost the moods of your home’s occupants. It’s pretty undeniable that the best indoor plants make the home a more beautiful and healthier place to be.

And yet, so many people don’t decorate with plants because they think they are bad gardeners, and the process of picking out the best plants for your home can be downright intimidating. Who has time to head to a garden center to pick out a small plant that may or may not grow into a monster? And who has really mastered the art of putting the right plant with the right pot?

All of these hurdles may leave you wondering, can you order plants online? The answer is yes, thankfully. In fact, everyone’s favorite retailer, Amazon, does a booming business in live plant sales. But other companies, like ProFlowers, Bloomscape, Terrain and The Sill, can also deliver plants to your door.

The only things you’ll need to decide when ordering indoor plants online is which plant you want, how big you want the plant to be initially and if you want the plant to come in a pot or you want to add your own pot later. Once you have all of that figured out (or even if you don’t), take a look through our list of the best indoor plants you can order online below.


1. Monstera


Decorating with fake monstera leaves has become a trend across households and businesses alike, so why not do yourself one better and invest in a full-size monstera deliciosa plant? This tropical plant, originating from southern Mexico, is easy to care for indoors, grows quickly and even occasionally produces edible fruit. As an added bonus, Bloomscape sells a fully grown version of this purifying plant in a pot of your choice, meaning it’s ready to be placed in your home as sensational living decor as it arrives.

order plants online / best indoor plants monstera Image courtesy of Bloomscape


2. Burgundy Rubber Tree Plant


Centuries ago, people from around the world realized that the rubber tree could easily survive indoors, making it one of the oldest houseplants in history. Its long-lived success is owed to the ease with which it survives in confined conditions. This plant requires minimal water and medium to bright indirect light, and it produces beautiful, dark green, waxy leaves. This particular plant from Amazon arrives in a six-inch pot, but it can grow up to eight feet tall given time and care.

order plants online / best indoor plants burgundy rubber tree Image courtesy of Amazon


3. ZZ Plant


One of the best reasons to have plants in your home is their air purifying properties, and one of the best purifying plants in the ZZ plant. This is an especially good choice if you need a plant that can survive in low light conditions and with very infrequent waterings. The ZZ plant, which has lovely, thick leaves, is native to the arid climates of Kenya and Zanzibar and boasts rhizomes below the soil to help it store water. In addition, lots of African cultures believe this plant variety is a symbol of “prosperity and friendship,” making it a lovely housewarming gift.

order plants online / best indoor plants zz plant Image courtesy of The Sill


4. Pink Mini Orchid


For some, the best part of having an indoor plant is enjoying the occasional flower without needing to buy a bouquet from the florist. While many houseplants never really bloom in the traditional sense, one of the best flowering options is the orchid. These plants display ornate blooms that last for eight to 12 weeks and, with proper care, will produce flowers for years. Because this plant arrives with blooms on the miniature stem, it makes a fantastic gift for Valentine’s Day, birthdays or anniversaries. 


order plants online / best indoor plants pink mini orchid Image courtesy of ProFlowers


5. Schefflera


One of the best plants on our list to match any type of decor is the Schefflera, also known as the umbrella tree. It’s so named and awarded because the leaflets form an umbrella-like pattern that’s pleasing to the eye yet doesn’t steal the show from other elements in your interior design. This plant does best in bright to medium indirect light and needs watering every one to two weeks.

order plants online / best indoor plants scheffiera Image courtesy of The Sill


6. Aloe Plant


If you have bright or direct light in your home, consider the ever-useful aloe plant. This Terrain exclusive can be kept indoors or in a sheltered outdoor space and does best in rooms with temperatures between 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. It also comes in an attractive terrazzo pot. Plus, as an added bonus, this plant produces aloe vera gel, which can be used to soothe irritated or burnt skin.

order plants online / best indoor plants aloe plant Image courtesy of Terrain


7. Succulent Heart Garden


For a gift your loved ones won’t soon forget, send them this succulent heart garden from Terrain. It includes live succulents, moss, soil and a wood frame in the shape of a heart. These plants work best in bright, indirect sunlight and need water once a week, or whenever the soil becomes too dry. This thoughtful gift is a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, anniversaries or even a new job.

order plants online / best indoor plants succulent garden Image courtesy of Terrain


8. The Sill Beginner’s Plants Collection


People without any plants in their home should consider investing in The Sill Beginner’s Plants Collection. This set features three easy-to-care-for plants already placed in beautiful earthenware pots, which come in three different colors of your choice. Plus, the included potting mix is designed to help plant growth and longevity. Just one of these plants can provide an eye-catching centerpiece as well as a natural air purifier, but combine all three together and you’ve created a new motif to spread around your home or concentrate in one room.

order plants online / best indoor plants the sill beginner Image courtesy of The Sill


9. Madagascar Dragon Tree


This plant probably has the coolest name on our list, the Madagascar Dragon Tree. Not only will the name make you feel like you’re on an adventure, this houseplant looks the part, too. This multi-stem plant arrives measuring four feet tall and with a well-developed root system. The stiff leaves give it a palm-tree feel, but it’s more useful than decor alone. NASA lists the Dracaena marginata as an excellent air purifier for removing harmful chemicals from your home.

order plants online / best indoor plants madagascar dragon Image courtesy of Amazon


10. Norfolk Pine


The only time of the year you’ve probably thought about having a pine tree as home decor is Christmas, but this Norfolk Pine is here to change your mind. Although it might be a pine by name and it might look like a pine by appearance, this is no pine tree at all. In fact, it’s a plant native to the South Pacific. While it is slow to grow indoors, this tree can sprout to over seven feet tall given the right amount of time and care.

order plants online / best indoor plants norfolk pine Image courtesy of Bloomscape


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