The Original Ostrich Pillow: Rest Anywhere With the Ultimate Travel Pillow

The Original Ostrich Pillow
Image courtesy of Amazon

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* An immersive tool made for power-napping and travel
* All-in-one eye mask, sound barrier, neck and head pillow
* Filled with light, supportive microbeads for maximum comfort

It’s the sleep aid that sparked a thousand memes: The Original Ostrich Pillow. Its design was so far out, many thought this product was a gag, but in reality, it’s turned out to be the ultimate napping companion.

original ostrich pillow

The Original Ostrich Pillow proved to be a revolutionary new product optimizing power naps everywhere by being an all-in-one eye mask, sound barrier and supportive head/neck pillow. In what can only be described as an astronaut helmet crossed with a puffy sleep cushion, the pillow slips on over your head, immersing you cozy micro environment of damped light, sound and soft materials.

A generous opening over the mouth and nose allows for easy breathing and, combined with the lightweight materials, doesn’t feel claustrophobic at all. An additional two openings at the top are added ventilation along with use as resting area for your hands and arms.

The original Ostrich Pillow All images courtesy of Amazon

Designed to “create a little private space within a public one”,  it features a soothing soft interior of viscose. The interior is filled with ultra-lightweight microbeads for a supportive, 360-cushioning experience.

It’s handcrafted in Spain and comes in a cardboard gift box with a storage bag included. Ideal for sleeping at your desk or in the seat of a plane, train or car, this immersive sleep accessory will revolutionize – and maximize – your power naps, wherever they happen.

Need more convincing? Check out this video of Miles Teller, Whitney Cummings and James Corden trying out an Ostrich Pillow on a recent episode of The Late Late Show. Celebrities – they’re just like us!