Take a Seat. Here Are the Best Outdoor Benches for Your Backyard.

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Taking care of a backyard, patio, porch or other outdoor space is a lot of work. It takes time and dedication to make something beautiful that can also survive the elements, whether it’s treating a deck or tending to a garden of vegetables. After you’ve done all of that hard labor all you want to do is sit back, relax and admire all of your hard work. Investing in a high-quality outdoor bench for your backyard is a worthwhile purchase for the comfortable seat and decorative element it will bring.

When it comes to outdoor furniture, not all pieces are made equal. You want it to be strong, sturdy, able to survive the storm but also attractive enough to add to the beauty of your outdoor space rather than detract from it. We’ve found a selection of benches that do just that and more. Here are some of our favorite outdoor benches available for purchase online.

1. FDW Steel Frame Outdoor Bench

This steel frame outdoor bench from FDW has a sturdy, strong design with finished edges and a vine design that will compliment and blend in with the greenery of your backyard. It’s rust-resistant and made to withstand the elements. It’s got a comfortable sitting experience and comes ready to assemble easily with detailed instructions. There are no raw cuts in the metal or drips that will catch on your clothing — this high-quality bench is ready to make you more comfortable in your backyard.

Pros: Sturdy, high-quality construction, decorative plant-themed design.

Cons: Powder coat may chip off after years of extreme weather.

steel frame outdoor bench, best outdoor bench Courtesy of Amazon

2. Christopher Knight Home Acacia Wood Outdoor Bench

Christopher Knight Home’s outdoor bench is backless and made of high-quality acacia wood and an iron frame that’s supportive and complimentary. It has a sandblast finish for some attractive texturing and a rustic metal finish on the frame. It’s easy to assemble once you receive it and will blend in with a variety of backyards and outdoor spaces. It works inside, outside and is very sturdy.

Pros: Finished acacia wood and iron frame, sturdy construction, works inside and outside.

Cons: The coat finish on the wood is prone to scratching.

christopher knight home outdoor bench, best outdoor bench Courtesy of Amazon

3. Premiere Products 5RCAT Outdoor Bench

This outdoor bench from Premiere Products is easy to assemble and has an all-weather, maintenance-free design. The bench has armrests that fold out into side tables or can be joined with another bench to create a full double-sided table. It’s made to be used on a balcony, patio, porch or backyard and comes with a hardware set for installation packed into the arm rest.

Pros: Easy to assemble, all-weather design, armrests fold out into tables.

Cons: Not as design-oriented as other options.

Premiere Products outdoor bench, best outdoor bench Courtesy of Amazon

4. Patio Sense Cast Aluminum Outdoor Bench

This cast aluminum bench from Patio Sense is a love seat built to last through years of weather and wear and tear. It has an antique bronze finish for an elevated attractive look, and is ideal for all weather environments. It weighs only 26 pounds, so it’s light enough to move around between different spots in your backyard easily, and is very simple to put together. It’s rust-free, so it’s safe to leave outside for extended periods of time in all types of weather, and has a sturdy and supportive design.

Pros: Sturdy cast aluminum love seat, antique bronze finish, lightweight and easy to assemble.

Cons: Some benches come with sharper screws that may catch on clothing, but a simple sanding down should do the trick.

patio cast aluminum bench, outdoor bench, best outdoor bench Courtesy of Amazon

5. Lifetime Convertible Outdoor Bench and Table

This bench table from Lifetime can convert between the two easily, making it versatile and easy to use. It’s ultra-durable and weather-resistant. It’s made of simulated wood and is perfect for indoor or outdoor use. It’s stable in either position and can be paired with a second of its kind for a full-size picnic table. Since it’s not made of real wood, you don’t have any of the required wood maintenance or the concern that it’s going to crack, chip or peel. It has built-in slats for efficient water drainage and can be converted by one person easily.

Pros: Simulated wood won’t crack, chip or rot over time, efficient water drainage, weather-resistant, converts between a bench and table easily.

Cons: It takes longer to put together than other options.

Lifetime convertible bench, outdoor bench, best outdoor bench Courtesy of Amazon