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This Company Makes Candles For Men Who Don’t Want Their Room To Smell Like Fruits and Flowers All Day

* Candles that smell like what they say they do
* Invigorating, refreshing scents for men and women
* Helps out Trust for Public Land

Want to freshen up your room, apartment or work space with some nice candles, but don’t necessarily want it to be smelling like fruits or flowers or, (the horror), pumpkin spice? Well, you’re in luck with Outdoor Fellow.

This innovative NYC-based candle company believes you should be able to get some nature-loving freshness in your living space without having to wade through the wafting, sickly sweet aromas of mass-produced scented candles. After all, the discovery of synthetic esters was cool, we’re sure, but we’d much rather our rooms and offices smell like, well, actual nature as opposed to lab-grown “sort of floral.”

The candles from Outdoor Fellow are all made with simple, stable ingredients like soy wax and genuine essential oils, and they come in a variety of scents that are fresh, subtle and never cloying. And buying candles from Outdoor Fellow isn’t just great for the indoors – it benefits the actual outdoors, too, since five percent of the proceeds go to the trust for Public Land. An appropriate cause for manly scented-candles; Theodore Roosevelt would approve. (It’s hard to talk softly and carry a big stick when the place smells of fake vanilla.)

Here are some of our favorites among Outdoor Fellow’s current collection. Oh, and if you’re wary of buying candles online, since we sadly can’t yet smell through the internet, Outdoor Fellow is noted for their very generous return and exchange policy.

1. Woods

This one is a great all-purpose scent for bedrooms, studios and bathrooms alike. With base notes of cedar, sandalwood and teak, it adds a subtle hint of pine and patchouli for a little verve.

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Courtesy Outdoor Fellow


2. Sandalwood and Pine

This one has a clean, fresh smell that comes from genuine sandalwood and pine essential oils. Revitalizing and invigorating, it smells like triumph.

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Courtesy Outdoor Fellow


3. Fireplace and Clove

Our choice for a romantic, evening scent, this candle mixes cedar, black pepper and clove for a cozy, cabin on a winter’s night feeling.

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Courtesy Outdoor Fellow