These Outdoor Picnic Tables Give You Space to Sit and Socialize Any Time of Year

outdoor picnic table
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A picnic table is an ideal addition for homeowners who love to host outdoor dinners, BBQs and gatherings of all kinds. If cooking out and spending as much time with friends and family as possible sounds like something you can get on board with, investing in an outdoor picnic table is never going to be a decision you regret. The right table can add a sense of coziness and create a safe haven for enjoying good food, having interesting conversations and bonding with loved ones.

However, every household has different needs when talking about the best picnic table. They are available in an array of different configurations and materials. And while wood remains one of the most popular choices, many manufacturers now opt for aluminum or plastic, since they are more lightweight materials. When choosing the right bench for your needs, whether that’s for on-the-go or backyard use, be sure to consider the following key elements:

  • Construction Materials
  • Waterproofing
  • Seating Capacity
  • Overall Size
  • Color
  • Weight/Portability
  • Ease of storage/Compatibility

In general, the average circular or rectangular picnic table can seat between six to eight people. But, while some tables do feature built-in or attached benches or chairs, others may include completely separate seating or even none at all.

Furthermore, it’s worth remembering that while outdoor picnic tables are certainly better suited to the summer months, with a little bit of planning and preparation, there’s plenty of ways to make the most of your al fresco dining space when the temperature drops, too. For example, an outdoor awning can protect you from falling precipitation while an outdoor patio heater can ensure you stay toasty, even if the environment around you isn’t.

We’ve included outdoor picnic tables for every kind of occasion on our list. This includes traditional-style tables as well as ones more appropriate for folks who want to eat in remote locations or find themselves frequently on the go. There are also eye-catching models which make far more sense as a permanent lawn fixture. No matter what aesthetic you’re looking for, we researched the best tables available online, helping to narrow down your choices and speed up the search.


1. Giantex Picnic Table Bench Set


This Giantex picnic table bench set satisfies a huge variety of its consumers with a streamlined metal frame and an acacia wood surface that adds an expensive texture but is still smooth enough to clean with ease. The color scheme doesn’t just fit in with most yards — it elevates their overall look. Given that the surface is acacia, this price is quite reasonable for the quality. This table sits up to six adults or eight children. Note that the benches are not attached to the tabletop, as in most traditional picnic tables.

giantex picnic table, best outdoor picnic table Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Vienna Rectangular Picnic Table


While it’s definitely not cheap, neither is having good taste. If you’re looking for an elegant outdoor picnic table that will add a touch of sophistication to any outdoor gathering, then you want this 96″ Vienna Rectangular Picnic Table, which blends wood and metal in a gorgeous design with strong lines and sleek surfaces. This picnic table seats eight people comfortably.

Vienna Rectangular Picnic Table, best outdoor picnic table Image courtesy of Wayfair


3. Tirrinia Outdoor Wine Picnic Table


If you’re looking for a more romantic picnic setting or want a table for remote luncheoning, the Tirrinia Outdoor Wine Picnic Table might be your answer. At just under 16 by 12 inches, the table provides enough space for your picnicking essentials. The table is constructed from bamboo on top with nickel steel legs providing a stable base. The tabletop includes several built-in food holders, including ones for bottles or cans, as well as recessed ones to prevent round snacks from rolling away. Handily, the wine bottle hole doubles as a carry handle.

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Tirrinia Outdoor Wine Picnic Table Image courtesy of Amazon


4. REDCAMP Small Folding Table


What’s great about the REDCAMP Small Folding Table is that it doesn’t just work well as a picnic table, it works well as almost any kind of table. Thanks to its smart, folding design, which includes a built-in carry handle, the table is highly portable and folds down to a compact, easily stored size when it’s not being used. In addition, the highly rated table is available in a range of different sizes, allowing you to choose the right one for your family or party size.

outdoor picnic table redcamp small folding Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Step2Sun & Shade Picnic Table


With a five-out-of-five star rating and a price under $65, this Step2Sun & Shade Picnic Table is the standout option if you’re in need of a place to seat little ones. In addition to the four-seat table, the set comes with a handy umbrella to keep everyone protected from the sun. Furthermore, the table breaks down into multiple pieces and can be laid flat for easier storing during the time it’s not in use.

outdoor picnic table step2sun shade Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Trademark Innovations Folding Picnic Table


This Trademark Innovations Folding Picnic Table is ideal if portability is your number one priority. It’s capable of creating extra seating in your backyard, as well as accompanying you on camping trips or other outdoor excursions. This picnic table is small but mighty, with a weight capacity of up to 352 pounds. Furthermore, you’ll find a pre-cut hole in the middle for when you want to add an umbrella to keep you protected from the sun or rain.

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Trademark Innovations Folding Picnic Table, best outdoor picnic table Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Giantex Portable Folding Picnic Table


Anyone with a minimalist or industrial aesthetic will appreciate this Giantex Portable Folding Picnic Table, complete with a Chinese fir wood surface and strong legs made from iron. Plus, it comes with separate benches, making it more convenient for people to get up and sit down without needing to awkwardly climb out. The clean lines offer a classy look for the table’s price, while its versatile design allows you to convert it from a daytime workspace to a nighttime dinner table with ease.

outdoor picnic table giantex portable Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Lifetime Hunter Folding Picnic Table


The Lifetime Hunter Folding Picnic Table is another great option for anyone who loves to host parties or family get-togethers on a regular basis. The table’s smart, foldable design means you can have enough seating space to accommodate up to eight people in a matter of seconds. Simply fold out the legs, put the locks in place and flip it over. It’s that simple. The table’s party-worthiness is also backed up by its strong and durable construction as well as its resistance to staining and how easy it is to clean.

outdoor picnic table lifetime hunter green Image courtesy of The Home Depot


9. Office Star Resin Folding Bench


The Office Star Resin Folding Bench is a great choice for anyone who picnics with particularly messy or accident-prone eaters. Why? Well, the tabletop is made from a resin that is easily wiped clean, especially when it is compared to its wooden competitors. Further positives for this foldable table, which has positive reviews from over 90% of Amazon users, include its waterproof and durable construction and the fact it comes in three separate pieces, meaning you can use the table or chairs separately when a time calls for it.

outdoor picnic table office star resin Image courtesy of Amazon


10. Best Choice Products Transforming Picnic Table


Whether you’re tight on space or just can’t decide between a bench and a picnic table, this transforming wooden piece turns from a surface into a charming garden bench in no time at all. Although it’s a lightweight patio stale, there’s still an umbrella hole and a bench. The bench isn’t very wide, but multiple Amazon reviewers call it sturdy, with one noting that they’ve had “four larger persons sit on the bench and it didn’t bend significantly.” For under $200, that sounds like a steal to us!

Best Choice Products 2-in-1 Transforming Interchangeable Outdoor Wooden Picnic Table/Garden Bench Image courtesy of Amazon


11. KidKraft Table and Bench Set


Unfortunately, the look of many kids’ picnic tables can cheapen the overall appearance of your backyard or patio. That’s why we appreciate the understated look on this kid-sized espresso-colored wood set. It comes with adorable matching cushions and an umbrella that won’t make your little one feel like they’re stuck at “the kids’ table.” Buyers recommend treating it with a wood sealer since this set is made of softwood and hence might not stand up to heavy rain.

KidKraft 00 Outdoor Table and Bench Set with Cushions and Umbrella Image courtesy of Amazon


12. Giantex Wooden Picnic Table Set


When it comes to circular tables, this Giantex Wooden Picnic Table Set is the way to go. It’s capable of accommodating up to eight children or four adults comfortably. The fir wood used in its construction gives it plenty of stability and has been finished with water-based paint to improve how it looks. And while the appearance is rustic, this provides versatility when it comes to fitting into any household. Handily, the table also includes space for an umbrella, making it a simple yet practical answer to your outdoor seating, which best of all, promotes togetherness.

giantex wooden picnic table round Image courtesy of Amazon


13. Windermere Rectangular Picnic Table


Sometimes, the simplest design is the best design, and that’s why the best picnic tables are often made from wood in the traditional way. For a classic picnic table that seats six, check out this Windermere Rectangular Picnic Table, via Wayfair. In addition, if the six-person capacity isn’t enough for your family or regular get-togethers, the table is also available in one larger size.

beachcrest home picnic table Image courtesy of Wayfair


14. Dura-Trel Vinyl Patio Picnic Table


Unlike wood, vinyl is non-porous, which means that it doesn’t absorb spills or dirt. It also won’t deteriorate as easily as other natural materials. If you live in a household prone to messes and sticky fingers, this white table set, attached to its benches, could be a pragmatic buy. Assembly is a breeze thanks to holes being pre-drilled. Over 50 reviews on Home Depot and 30 on Amazon sing this table’s praises, with comments like “This table is the centerpiece of my patio and the envy of my neighborhood.”

Dura-Trel White Vinyl Patio Picnic Table Image courtesy of Home Depot


15. Christopher Knight Home Rustic Wood Patio Dining Set


Looking for a classy seating addition for your patio or decking area? Look no further than this Christopher Knight Home Rustic Wood Patio Dining Set. Both the table and two accompanying chairs are made from a combination of cast iron and stylish acacia wood, which has been covered in a dark brown finish. In addition to making the table more attractive, this stain also makes it easier to maintain. Space-wise, the seats are able to hold up to four people comfortably, while the larger-than-average tabletop provides plenty of space for displaying and enjoying your food.

carlisle rustic wood patio dining set Image courtesy of Target


16. Christopher Knight Home Manila Outdoor Picnic Set


There’s something about all-wood furniture that just oozes class, and this Christopher Knight Home Manila Outdoor Picnic Set is no exception. It’s constructed solely of acacia wood which has been finished with an attractive dark brown stain. The set is also made up of the main table and two benches, meaning it’s possible to use each piece separately if you need extra seating or just want a designated buffet table at your party.

manila acacia wood picnic set dark brown Image courtesy of Target


17. Arlmont & Co. Brodie Rectangular Picnic Table


What really makes the Arlmont & Co. Brodie Rectangular Picnic Table stand out from the rest of the options on our list is the fact it’s made from recycled plastic. Not only is this more environmentally responsible, but it also means maintenance is minimal, with no painting or staining ever required. For greater durability, the understructure has been hot-dip galvanized, which also protects against sagging or warping over time. Additionally, there are four different tabletop colors to choose from.

arlmont co stylish picnic table Image courtesy of Wayfair


18. Tavola Outdoor Dining Set


Without any doubt, the Tavola Outdoor Dining Set is one of the most attractive and eye-catching options on our list. Its industrial-style design pairs an eye-catching teak wood tabletop with strong metal legs underneath to give you a stylish and stable place to enjoy your meals. It’s also available in either a vintage brown or driftwood gray color, both of which will weather to a silver-gray color over time. Furthermore, the table comes in three different sizes, with the smallest capable of accommodating at least four people and the largest eight or more.

tavola picnic table Image courtesy of Article


19. Outdoor 1905 Super Redwood Picnic Table


It doesn’t come cheap, but this stunner with attached benches is constructed entirely out of redwood, a coveted kind of wood that has incomparable richness and depth. Unlike cheaper alternatives on the market, this table by Best Redwood is built to last a long time and acts as a centerpiece. One buyer calls the table “durable” and mentions that it “repels water nicely” which is a comforting assurance as this is not always the case with wood tables. Note: Home Depot also carries a larger, 8-foot version.

Outdoor 1905 Super Dec 6 ft. Redwood Picnic Table with Separate Benches Image courtesy of The Home Depot


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