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How to Host Overnight Holiday Guests Comfortably

* Don’t be caught unprepared when holiday guests arrive
* Grab these items to set up an easy and comfortable stay
* Look for the little details to make a big impression as a host

Holidays are a time for everyone to get together, which can make it fun to be a guest, but stressful to be a host. SPY has created a list of five essentials that will ensure that both you and your guests have a happy holiday, whether they’re visiting for a weekend, or just too hungover from the egg nog to make it home.

1. MIFXIN Travel Sheet Sleep Sack

This lightweight, breathable sheet is available in a variety of colors, and it’s like a lightweight, convertible sleeping bag. The sack provides enough room to easily move around in, and includes a pillow insert. Use it on its own, or as a liner for a sleeping bag. It’s also great if you’re housing guests on a sofa or air mattress. The sack can easily be folded into a compact square when you’re putting it away.

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Image Courtesy of MIFXIN


2. Aveda Amenities Luxury Set

Make your home feel like a hotel with this set of luxurious toiletries from Aveda. Included is Rosemary Mint Shampoo, conditioner and moisturizer, as well as refreshing bath soap, so your bathroom will be well stocked and well-presented.

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Image Courtesy of Aveda


3. Pet Relief Dog Anxiety Relief

While having overnight guests can be fun for you, it isn’t always for your dog. Whether you’re leaving your favorite pooch behind, or need to calm him down in the presence of strangers, this anti-anxiety spray is 100% natural, with no unwanted side effects.

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Image Courtesy of Pet Relief


4. Sable Air Mattress

While most of us would love to house guests, not all of us have enough beds for them. Enter this handy, comfortable air mattress by Sable. It can fold compactly for storage, or inflate to a twin sized bed. It’s nice and thick, too, keeping your guests off the ground and relaxed for a restful’s night sleep.

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Image Courtesy of Sable


5. Giantex Fold Down Chair

This foldable sofa can function by day as a classic couch, or extend to provide a bed for overnight guests. The suede material is soft, and its simple black design means it will slip easily into your existing decor. The chair folds out to just under 7-feet long — enough to accommodate all shapes and sizes.

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Image Courtesy of Giantex