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Tropical Delight: 9 Ways to Incorporate Palm Tree Prints In Your Everyday Life

* Easy ways to introduce a palm print to your home and wardrobe
* Decorating and styling ideas featuring this timeless leaf print
* Ideas on all scales from small to large

While tropical prints may conjure up the sunny, laid-back ease of summer, they also bring a glamorous, exotic touch to a room or an outfit. With a reputation for appearing in places like the first iteration of the Beverly Hills Hotel, the Greenbriar Resort in West Virginia and New York City’s enduring restaurant Indochine, an oversized palm or banana leaf motif lends a wink of mid-century swank wherever you chose to employ it.

Here, find 9 ways to work the popular palm print, in subtle ways like an iPhone case, to the not so subtle, like a lush jungle of leafy wallpaper.

1. Slim-Fit Palm Print iPhone Case

Even just a touch of greenery can buoy the spirits – plus if you’re always with your phone, better make it a trend-right accessory with the help of a printed case.


2. Japanese Banana Leaf Print Doormat

Make the first step into your home a cheerfully welcoming one with the help of a lush green print. Super absorbent material dries wet feet fast and deters fading, while the PVC latex non-slip bottom side surface prevents bunching and shifting. 

[caption id="attachment_68956" align="aligncenter" width="532"]Banana Print Doormat Image Courtesy of Amazon[/caption]


3. Banana Leaf Bed Spread/Tapestry

Create a tropical vibe in your beach house – or bring the tropics to your everyday domain – with the addition of a printed bed spread. It can also be featured as a wall hanging, giving your space a vintage jet-set attitude.

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4. Banana Leaf Print Shower Curtain

A bold print will make a bold impact in a smaller space like a bathroom. The fresh green leaves are printed on antibacterial, antimicrobial, mildew-resistant fabric.

[caption id="attachment_68960" align="aligncenter" width="655"]Banana Leaf Print Shower Curtain Image Courtesy of Amazon[/caption]


5. Bikini Factory Backless Swimsuit

Jet off to your next beach getaway in a print revived by Dolce & Gabbana’s last runway show. While the strategic cuts and print of this suit look pricey, it’s amazingly only $14.99.


6. Tropical Leaf Wall Print

Try a framed print if you don’t want to commit to a wall of paper, or if your tastes skew to the minimal. Printed on quality photo paper with a glossy finish, customize with a frame to suit your space.


7. Palm Print Throw Pillows

Stitched from durable, specially-treated polyester, these pillows are suitable for outdoor use, and can withstand fading from the sun and moisture from early-AM dew. Pair them with a simple black and white stripe cushion for a glam look right out of a Slim Aarons photo.


8. Monstera Leaves Wallpaper

Softer, pastel shades of green make this leaf print a sweeter alternative to its bolder, more saturated colored predecessor, the famous Martinique print of the Beverly Hills Hotel. Watercolor-like strokes make this a pretty choice for the bedroom or powder room.


9. Yoga Zeal Printed Yoga Mat

Visualize a happy place with every asana thanks to Yoga Zeal’s jungle of palm leaves printed on a sticky mat. And true to its natural inspiration, it’s made of biodegradable natural tree rubber, microfiber made of recycled plastic bottles, and water based print inks. 

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