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These Pantone Postcards Bring New Color to Your Mail

  • * 100 bold yet minimalist post cards 
  • * Features Pantone’s unmistakable aesthetic 
  • * Works as note cards as well 

With this set of postcards from the most iconic name in the world of color, you can brighten up your friends and family’s mail or leave a uniquely stylish message on someone’s desk, while celebrating the design industry’s favorite color palette.

Pantone, founded in 1963 by color expert Lawrence Herbert, has been one of the century’s most influential brands in visual design and merchandising. From its iconic font and graphic art to its nearly-universal system of color standardization, Pantone has become the leading name in color design. Their color matching systems have found widespread use in fashion, interior design, print design, architecture and, most recently, have formed the basis for the way we use and appreciate color in the digital realm.

This set of postcards allows you to take part in that systematic history of color matching and makes for a great gift for a design professional, art student or appreciator of minimal modern aesthetic. They also make great note cards for yourself; thanks to the oddly satisfying nature of their near-perfect color representations, these Pantone postcards make for an inspiring way to take down notes, addresses or jot down ideas throughout the day.

A bold way to brighten up your mail, these postcards can also make excellent reminders. Set them up on your desk or stick to your refrigerator with magnets; their simple and clean design allows you to fill your space with notes and reminders without compromising your clean, minimalist design ethos. There may be no more fashionable way to send a post card.

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