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Keep Cool in Any Room With These Powerful Pedestal Fans

Even if you have air conditioning, a fan is a good thing to keep handy. It can be used to help circulate cool air from the A/C, so you can cool down more efficiently and spend less on the energy bill. And of course, if you don’t have A/C, a fan is a must.

There are a lot of different kinds of fans, and one of the best options is a pedestal fan. Pedestal fans are circular fans that are held up by a long stand. The benefit is that their height allows them to be better directed at face-level, compared with table fans or box fans which have a lower stature. Pedestal fans have big blades, so they can circulate more air than tower fans. Most of them oscillate as well, which helps to help cool larger spaces.

We’ve rounded up a few oscillating pedestal fans to help keep you cool. All of the included come with remote controls, so you don’t have to break a sweat just trying to turn the fan on.

1. Lasko Cyclone Pedestal Fan

This oscillating fan has an adjustable height and three different speed settings. The remote control lets you turn the fan on and off, adjust the speed, and set a timer. A tilting head allows you to get the perfect angle for maximum cooling.

Pros: Tilting head, powerful airflow, adjustable height.

Cons: It’s louder than other brands.

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2. Lasko 2535 52″ Space-Saving Pedestal Tower Fan

This fan has three different speeds you can choose from, each of which is quiet and energy-efficient. It’s ideal for small rooms and tight spaces where extra space is minimal due to its compact design. It has powerful airflow mechanisms built in including widespread oscillation and directional louvers that enable you to direct where you want the air to go. It comes with a wireless remote control and an LED display that shows you all of the settings at once. It also has a built-in timer that can automatically shut the fan off after an amount of time that you select.

Pros: Compact design, powerful airflow, customizable airflow, wireless remote, LED display, easy assembly.

Cons: The circle of oscillation is smaller than other fans.

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3. COSTWAY 16-Inch Adjustable Pedestal Fan

This pedestal fan from COSTWAY is fully adjustable from its head to its base and has a protective blade cover to prevent injury and accidents. The fan has six blades for powerfully circulating air and the double rings on the front give the fan anti-shock and anti-pressure capabilities. You can adjust the head and back to your needs and set a timer between 30 mins and seven and a half hours for your fan to run continuously.

Pros: Adjustable, six powerful blades for airflow, customizable timer.

Cons: The light on the fan is bright and may need to be covered at night to prevent sleep disruption.

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4. Honeywell Double Blade Pedestal Fan

This simple pedestal fan from Honeywell has an oscillating head. The three power settings and three breeze settings can be controlled from the unit or with the remote control. Plus, the height is adjustable, and the unit features a timer.

Pros: Tilting head, dual-blade for greater airflow. Has 3-speed settings and 3 breeze options (variable, breezy, and constant). It’s also fairly quiet especially given the power.

Cons: The remote control can be a bit finicky to use.

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5. AmazonBasics Pedestal Fan

This pedestal fan has a dual-blade for greater airflow, and like the other options on this list, it has a tilting head. It has 3-speed settings and 3 modes, and a remote control is included. There’s also an energy-saving auto shut-off timer.

Pros: Three different speed settings for customizability, has a dual-blade setup for greater airflow and an auto shut-off.

Cons: Assembly can be confusing.

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