8 Chic Alternatives to the Pendleton Blanket

pendleton blanket alternatives
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Regardless of the temperature outside, it’s always good to have a few blankets lying around for impromptu cozy coffee breaks. Plus, blankets make an easy upgrade for any room by adding texture and color.

For years, blankets from Pendleton Woolen Mills have been the go-to for casual homemakers and interior decorators alike, because these are everything a blanket should be: cozy, warm, tasteful and versatile. Based on Native American patterns and traditions, these wool blankets can be thrown in any room, on any couch or on any bed, and they always add chic, rustic warmth. In fact, the company has been keeping people comfy for over 100 years.

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Everyone wants a blanket from Pendleton Woolen Mills. There’s one problem, however, that will often get in the way: price. As beautiful and comfy as these blankets are, spending $300 on a throw is sometimes impossible. Thankfully, there are a handful of alternatives with a similar rustic feel that can be had for much less. Below are eight of the best.

1. Wooded River Tombstone II Throw


Featuring bold colors like many of the Pendleton blankets, the Wooded River Tombstone II Throw can add warmth and color to any room. It’s made from a wool, polyester and acrylic blend, meaning its machine washable. This feature sets it apart from many of the pure wool options on this list, and makes the blanket is a breeze to clean. Plus, this design is also available in throw pillows and a coverlet.

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2. spencer & whitney Wool Throw Blanket


This throw blanket is made of 70% wool and 30% viscose for a wool fineness level of 21. It has a simple design of a solid color along with tassels that can pair well with any type of furniture. The fringed edges add a lively element to this cozy blanket that’s lightweight and comfortable. It’s hefty enough to be used as a warm blanket on the bed or couch, but small enough to wear as a wool shawl on chilly nights out. 

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3. Hudson’s Bay Polar Fleece Throw


Many Pendleton Blankets in the National Parks Line feature bold colors and stripes. The Hudson’s Bay takes a page out of the Pendleton design book with their Polar Fleece Throw. While not a wool blanket, this off-white throw sports four stripes at either end in vibrant black, green, red and yellow. Plus, the 100% polyester blanket comes with an attached carrying strap and weights only 1.6 pounds.

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4. Desert Breeze Distributing Alpaca and Sheep Wool Blanket


This wool throw blanket from Desert Breeze is made with 50% alpaca wool and 50% merino wool from animals deep in the Andes mountains of Peru. This blanket is warm, thick and tightly woven with natural fibers that are reinforced at the edges with protective binding. It’s a queen size blanket that’ll cover your bed perfectly or provide plenty of room for multiple people to cozy up together on the couch.

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5. 100% New Zealand Wool Blanket


This blanket from New Zealand is made of 100% natural wool and ships directly from New Zealand. It’s soft, plush and a great option for camping, enjoying a fire pit outside or accompanying you on your upcoming long car or plane ride. Wool from New Zealand is some of the finest in the entire world and sets the standard for merino wool when it comes to the bright white color, durability and softness.

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6. Maloca Alpaca Lightweight Throw Blanket


This wool blanket is made with 100% baby alpaca wool and has a beautiful herringbone weave. It’s softer and warmer than your standard wool blanket while being allergy-friendly. The natural fibers are durable and contain no lanolin so there’s not that typical itch you’re used to feeling with wool blankets. The fibers also have microscopic air pockets that make it lightweight but still warm and one of the most insulating blankets you can buy.

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7. Biddy Murphy Tartan Plaid Throw Blanket


The Native Americans weren’t the only ones to use wool in their traditions. The Irish favor the material as well. In fact, this Biddy Murphy Tartan Plaid Throw Blanket was woven in Ireland and was designed with traditional patterns in mind. And, the company has been making such blankets since 1893. In addition, the wool used in this blanket is especially soft on the skin and hypoallergenic.

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8. Melange Home Woodland Blanket


While the Melange Home Woodland Blanket won’t save you much money versus purchasing a Pendleton Blanket, it will offer the same quality in a more muted design, which may be preferable to some. This dry-clean-only blanket is made from woven dyed yarn in designs that are reminiscent of those used in early American times. These blankets will last a lifetime and beyond.

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