6 Chic Alternatives To The Pendleton Blanket

Pendleton Blanket Alternatives: Best Low-priced Wool
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* The Pendleton Park blanket is a classic piece of cozy decor
* Here’s 6 equally chic alternatives
* Warm throw blankets that also add texture and color

Regardless of the temperature outside, it’s always good to have a few blankets lying around for impromptu cozy coffee breaks. Plus, great blankets make an easy upgrade for any room by adding texture and color.

For years, the Pendleton Park blanket has been the go-to for casual homemakers and interior decorators alike because it’s everything a blanket should be: cozy, warm, tasteful, and versatile. It can be thrown in any room on any couch or bed, and always adds chic, rustic warmth. It’s been keeping people comfy for over 100 years while also honoring America’s national parks, giving it a history unlike any other blanket.

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Everyone wants a Pendleton camp blanket, but there’s one problem that sometimes gets in the way: the price. Thankfully, there are a handful of alternatives with a similar rustic feel that can be had for much less. Below are 6 of the best.

1. Arus Throw Blanket

Arus’ desert stripe throw blanket features a similar classic striped look as the Pendleton, but costs a fraction of the price at just $30. It’s made in Turkey using a high-quality cotton blend, and comes in queen or king sizes.

Striped Blanket Decor Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Haven & Earth Throw Blanket

Another great low-priced throw blanket is this one from Haven & Earth. Its pattern is very low-key with just a pop of color, making it ideal for minimal decor styles.

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3. Faribault Wool Throw Blanket

This Faribault throw blanket costs $50, which is a steal considering it’s 100% pure lambswool. Plus, like the Pendleton, it’s made right here in the USA at Faribaults historic mill in Minnesota.

Tan Striped Blanket Wool Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Arus Throw Blanket (Arizona)

This throw blanket (also from Arus) utilizes warm Arizona desert tones to make a handsome home accessory. It works in just about any stye room, but looks best when matched with similar rustic colors.

Orange Blanket Striped Image courtesy of Wayfair


5. Zoe Wodarz Sherpa Throw Blanket

With a silky top side and a fuzzy underside, Zoe Wodarz’s sherpa throw blanket is certifiably cozy. It’s also makes great addition to your couch or bed by adding a unique graphic and plenty of Pendleton-esqe stripes.

Striped Blanket Target Image courtesy of Target


6. Woolly Mammoth Woolen Company Blanket

One of the best wool throw blankets on Amazon is this one from Woolly Mammoth Woolen Company. It has over 100 rave reviews, largely thanks to an eye-catching look and premium merino wool.

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