So Apparently The Permanent Match Exists, and We’re Not Sure Why We Still Use Lighters

Permanent Match
Permanent match fire starter

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* Long lasting, all weather fire starting
* Great for emergency safety
* Like a match, but reusable

Apparently there’s such a thing as a permanent match, and it has nothing to do with the Tinder app. Rather, it’s a tool for lighting barbecues, campfires, gas grilles and more. Great for emergencies, the permanent match is weatherproof and more durable than a regular cigarette lighter or a box of paper matches. The permanent match makes an easy, practical addition to your outdoor adventure gear or everyday carry bag and is a great alternative to the classic Zippo lighter.

1. 3x Permanent Match Set

This set of three refillable permanent matches consists of a magnesium rod and steel fire starter flint along with a small refillable lighter fluid container.

Permanent match set Courtesy Amazon


2. Survive 5x Permanent Match Set

Ready for camping, wilderness adventures or even just to light a cigar or outdoor patio heater, these all-weather permanent matches are easy to carry with their built-in keychain ring.

5 permanent match set lighter fire starter Courtesy Amazon


3. Fire Starter

While, as Bruce Springstein sings, “you can’t start a fire without a spark,” may not be entirely true – provided you have a laser or a large parabolic mirror and plenty of sun, it is surely, in fact, much easier to start a fire with a spark, than without one. That’s where this ferrocerium-rod fire starter comes in. Great for camping or emergencies.

Fire starter Courtesy Amazon