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This Harry Potter Hogwarts Acceptance Letter Makes a Magical Graduation Gift

* Personalized and individually printed letter
* Genuine Harry Potter Hogwarts school crest
* Great gift for birthdays and perfect for Potter fans

If you know someone who’s a huge fan of the Harry Potter series, this one-of-a-kind personalized Hogwarts Acceptance Letter from Pixie Paper makes for a unique and totally sweet gift. Printed on high-quality parchment paper, it features prominently the official Hogwarts Crest, licensed and instantly-recognizable to the true Potter fans among us.

This letter also makes a great decoration if you’re into the Harry Potter series, whether you have fond childhood memories of reading the original books, or you came to the famous wizarding school and Quiddich franchise through the movies featuring Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe, and the late Alan Rickman.

These wizards captured the hearts of a generation, and now that graduation season is almost grown up, this personalized Harry Potter Hogwarts acceptance letter makes a great commemorative piece or graduation gift. It even works well as a humorous gift, too. If you know someone who attends Harry Potter or fantasy conventions or is into cosplay, this is an ideal frame for a birthday card or graduation card.

Each letter is individually custom printed with the recipient’s name, so you can personalize it for your favorite real-life Quidditch league player– and yes, there is a real life Quidditch league.

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