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This Pet Carrier is Stylish, Functional and Airline-Approved

* Stylish bag for carrying your furry friends
* Includes U-pet’s revolutionary semi-sphere window to let your pet see out
* Features built-in leash, ventilation holes and washable soft pads

You’ll never have to leave your pooch behind again with this

. U-Pet have created a shoulder bag that’s not only comfortable and spacious for your furry friend but also looks stylish on you. Whether you have a small dog, cat or rabbit, this bag is great for taking them on every adventure.

The U-Pet messenger bag boasts all the features of an average pet carrier, but builds on tradition by adding their own, patent pending, semi-sphere window. This illuminating window provides your pet with space to view the outside world, helping to calm nervous animals whilst in transit.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to choose between a semi-sphere window and an open mesh barrier for additional airflow. Switching between these options is as simple as unscrewing the window and replacing it with the screen or vice-versa.

And the U-Pet carrier makes taking your pets on long journeys a lot easier as it is approved as a carry on pet bag by many major airlines.

Inside the bag, you’ll find a built-in security leash, soft washable pads and plenty of ventilation holes to ensure your pet enjoys as much comfort as possible. You’ll also find entries on the top and side of the bag for easy access.

The stylish bag comes in an olive color and has been designed to accommodate pets up to 12 pounds. So small dogs, cats and rabbits never need be left behind on your next trip away.

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