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Satisfy Your Cat’s Wanderlust With a Bubble Backpack

* Cozy backpack for transporting your pets
* Features large bubble window to keep your pet comfortable and stress free
* A great way to take your cat or small dog on all your adventures

Sometimes it’s just not feasible to have your pet constantly with you, although you may want to. This is especially true for cats, a species that hates being on a leash. But times are changing. The Bubble Backpack from Pettom provides an easy way to take your cat or small dog with you in an enclosed but comfortable space so that that they’ll never miss a moment.

With a large, bubble-shaped window at the back and a variety of mesh flaps and air holes throughout the design, the carrier bag offers your pet a stress-free journey. The window can also be changed out for a mesh cover — or completely removed if your pet can be trusted with the chance of freedom.

To manage the care of your furry friends, you’ll find a built-in security leash and a soft pad inside the backpack. It’s removable to make cleaning super easy. The cozy pad also combines with the side opening panels to create a mobile pet bed.

You can choose from a variety of eye-catching colors (pink, green and yellow). Additionally, the Bubble Backpack by Pettom has also been approved for use as a pet carrier on most major airlines. Your pet will never have to travel in the hold again.

Although it won’t fit every size cat or dog, the sizable backpack will accommodate small to medium-sized pets that weigh less than 10 pounds. The internal space measures 11.8” x 11” x 17.3”.

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