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Hate Leaving Your Pooch at Home? Get the Timbuk2 Muttmover Backpack

* Backpack for carrying dogs and cats up to 20 pounds
* Zips open to lay flat for easy pooch-in/pooch-out action
* Dual side openings accommodate pets of varying shapes and sizes

Taking your dog everywhere is about to get a whole lot easier. Timbuk2, the San Francisco-based bag company, is back with their second-edition pooch carrier. Your dog’s tail will be wagging when he hears the Muttmover Backpack has now replaced the Pooch Pack with an improved design for added stability and increased ease of use for both humans and their four-legged friends.

First and foremost, the Muttmover Backpack is one of the most comfortable carrying experiences for small dogs. The front panel zips completely open to lay flat, so your dog can simply step inside rather than being put inside uncomfortably. Furthermore, the bag offers dual side openings to accommodate various pet shapes and sizes. Just remember that the maximum weight for the Muttmover Backpack is 20 pounds.

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In addition, this pet carrier is a comfortable experience for humans, too. The bag comes with custom fit straps to help evenly distribute your dog’s (or cat’s) weight. And there’s a ventilated back panel so that you stay cool and sweat-free. If your dog is a bit heavy, the removable sternum strap might also come in handy.

In case Fido can’t hold his water, the Muttmover is also waterproof for easy cleaning due to the custom paw print tarpaulin liner. And this fabric comes with the added benefit of increased durability.

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Finally, the extras included with the bag go a long way to making the Muttmover experience a fun and exciting one. A foldable water bowl, on-strap bottle opener and an elasticized pocket for a water bottle work towards keeping you and your pooch hydrated. Multiple additional pockets can hold everything from a leash to your iPad. And the grab handle allows for easy lifting when the bag isn’t on your back.

Include your pet in all of your out-of-the-house adventures. Get the Muttmover Backpack and take your pooch wherever you go.

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