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Ditch The Cone of Shame And Put Your Pets In These Snappy Surgical Suits Instead

* Surgical recovery suits are a more comfortable alternative to collars
* The full body covering prevents pets from licking, biting or scratching their wo unds
* Available in a range of dog and cat sizes

Being a dog (or cat) can be tough. And that is never more true than after an already-painful surgery, when the vet makes you wear the cone of shame. Eating, drinking and sleeping become impossible, and even walking around the house presents its own hazards. Although humans might enjoy watching you bump into everything in sight, wearing the cone of shame is just plain embarrassing.

Luckily, the world of veterinary science has come a long way since it invented that old-fashioned, Elizabethan collar for animals. Today, surgical recovery suits help pets feel comfortable after an operation while protecting healing wounds.

Check out these 5 options and, for the love of your pet, buy one before your next trip to the vet.

1. Surgi Snuggly E Collar Alternative – Antimicrobial

Help your pet recover from his or her surgery in comfort with the Surgi Snuggly surgical suit. American-made and veterinarian-designed, this suit has no straps or snaps. It simply slides on and off your pet. Once in place, the e-collar alternative has been proven to decrease the anxiety of animals and protect healing wounds from infection. In addition, the outfit helps to keep doggy diapers in place.

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2. VetGood Protective Recovery Pet Suit

Designed for your cat’s needs, the VetGood suit protects healing wounds. This particular outfit has two pieces with internal pockets, which can hold ice packs to treat swelling or absorption pads. There’s also an opening in the suit for a drain or infusion if that is part of your pet’s healing process. Plus, the turtle neck adds protection for the neck from wandering paws. With a range of sizes, the VetGood Protective Recovery Pet Suit represents a better wound management system for every cat or dog.


3. Suitical Cat Recovery Suit

In case your stuffed cat needs an operation, the Suitical Cat Recovery absolutely has it covered. Just kidding! At least, we hope you won’t be using this recovery suit for a stuffed animal. Although the photo may be misleading, this surgical suit works wonders for real cats and dogs. The outfit not only prevents your cat from biting or scratching wounds, it can also keep your pet warm and healthy during the healing process. Plus, the Suitical Recovery Suit can remain fastened even when your cat needs to use the litter box.


4. Suitical Recovery Suit for Dogs – Pink Camo

Suitical produces perhaps the most popular surgical recovery suit for pets. This version protects your dog from itself after surgery and reduces stains around your house due to a pet in heat. The cotton/lycra fabric is breathable and comfortable for wear during most seasons. Plus, the snug fit is tight enough to keep your pet from interfering with the healing process but loose enough that your dog or cat doesn’t feel suffocated. And the suit looks a lot better than the cone of shame.


5. Suitical Recovery Suit for Dogs – Blue Camo

Perhaps your dog prefers blue to pink. This recovery suit is nearly identical to the one listed above except for its attractive blue camo design. And just like the other options here, it will do its job to protect your pet from itself and others. The four-way stretch fabric produces a quality outfit for which Suitical currently has a patent pending. We’re pretty sure your pet would prefer this surgical suit to an e-collar. After all, would you like to wear a cone around your head?

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