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Take Care of Your Pets Even While You’re Away From Home

* Multiple food trays
* Programmable up to 4 different eating times
* Record a personal message to play while your pet eats 

Leaving loved ones at home while you go to the office can be stressful, especially when they are your beloved four-legged friends. Things get even worse when that long day at the office becomes a long night and you have to burn the midnight oil. Going away on a business trip? Even worse.

What will they eat? Who will pet them? How will they cope without your lap to sit in? Now, with this automated pet feeder from Flexzion you’ll have one less thing to worry about. This automated feeder will ensure that your precious Yorkie and princess Persian are fed on time, even when you can’t make it home from that surprise board meeting.

The pet feeder from Flexzion includes four different programmable feeding trays. If your dog or cat eats multiple times a day, the trays will rotate out at the programmed feeding time and will remain out until the next programmed feeding time. This way, you can ensure that your beloved pet’s food is kept fresh and doesn’t turn stale by being exposed to the air. For large dogs that eat once or twice a day, this feeder is ideal because it can be programmed for multiple times and multiple days. You won’t have to worry about feeding your dog the next day if your business trip takes you away from home.

An added touch of brilliance for this automatic pet feeder is its ability to record your voice, so you can leave a personalized message for your pet when it comes feeding time. When the set time arrives, your prized feline or dependable pup will hear your voice as you announce it’s time to eat. That added sense of comfort from hearing your voice while you are away will make all the difference in the world to your pets and leave you with a little bit less guilt about having to leave them.

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