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Happy Tails and Happy Trails: The Pet Gear No-Zip Pet Stroller

Whether you own a pet who needs assistance, or just really hates to walk, the Pet Gear No-Zip Happy Trails Lite Pet Stroller provides you with an easy way to take your furry friends along with you.

Even when they’re incapable of walking, this alternative product allows your pets to enjoy the great outdoors. This attractive stroller is ideal for pets recovering from surgeries and those at an age where walking long distances isn’t feasible anymore.

The easy-locking No-Zip function allows easy entry and exit for your pet without the awkwardness of a standard zip. Instead, a simple quick latch mechanism takes the pain away.

The large 6-inch wheels provide a comfortable ride whether you are walking or jogging. The additional front shock absorbers further provide a luxurious ride to your pets. Not only is the “walk” super comfortable, your four legged friends won’t miss a trick as the Pet Gear No-Zip Happy Trails Lite Pet Stroller also sports a panoramic view window, including a three-position canopy.

Not to be left out, the stroller sports convenient tray and cup holders to keep your essentials whilst you’re on the move.

Available in three attractive colors, namely boysenberry, jaguar, and pine green, the Happy Trails Stroller is also collapsible. It fits right in the back of your car.

With prices starting at just under $50, this pet stroller takes the weight of your furry friends and lets them stroll around the park in style.

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