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Mane Manos: The 9 Best Pet Hair Removal Gloves

* Grooming gloves are the least stressful way to remove excess hair from your pets
* Many gloves have a dual purpose, with both silicone bristles and velour
* Gloves can give your pet a massage, get them squeaky clean and make them look great

Grooming is often one of the most stressful things a pet has to endure. We normally shower our cats, dogs, horses and more with love and affection. Why not do the same when it comes to removing their excess fur? If your pet is scared of the brush or whines from pain caused by metal bristles, get one of these grooming gloves and discover how easy making your pet look gorgeous can be.

1. Rubber Tip Pet Grooming Glove Tool

This simple grooming glove is great for de-shedding cats, dogs, rabbits and all your animals with long or short hair. The double-sided design and helpful adjustable strap mean it’s great for left and right-handed users and hands of all sizes.


2. 2-in-1 MerryFurry Pet Grooming De-shedding Glove Tool

An all-in-one glove that provides more than just de-shedding. With the MerryFurry Pet Glove, your pet will get to enjoy a detangling/dematting massage as you work your way over their skin. The 2-sided design also offers a velour covered side to remove pet hair from your furniture a cinch.

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[caption id="attachment_71949" align="aligncenter" width="680"]pet glove best dog cat hair removal 2 in 1 2-sided Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]


3. Cochop Glove and Toys Kit

These Cochop gloves come as a pair to allow you to work-over your entire pet in no time. The adjustable straps ensure anyone can use them, and the second side of the gloves can be used for removing pet hair from your furniture. This set also include two free toys for your pet to enjoy.

[caption id="attachment_71948" align="aligncenter" width="679"]pet glove best dog cat hair removal toys mitten set Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]


4. KACASUN De-shedding Gloves

This pair of de-shedding gloves from KACASUN can work wonders on your pet’s coat. Best for short and medium fur, this glove can be used dry or wet, so hop into the bath and give your cat or dog a real scrub. When you’re finished, simply throw the glove in the laundry as it’s made from fully washable nylon.

[caption id="attachment_71941" align="aligncenter" width="670"]pet glove best dog cat hair removal pair Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]


5. Lysami Pets Silicone and Velour Hair Removal Gloves

This five-finger glove does two jobs in one. The side with 180 silicone tips removes hair from your cat or dog and promotes circulation for a healthier coat. The other side, with its velour coating, allows you to pick up excess hair from carpet or furniture. In addition, the snug fit around your hand better imitates petting in order to put your pet at ease.


6. Lifepul Pet Grooming Glove

A much more flexible option than others on this list, the Lifepul glove makes sure both you and your pet are comfortable during the grooming experience. The mitt itself is breathable for less sweaty hands. For your dog or cat, it includes massaging bristles on one side with velour for cleaning carpets and furniture on the other side.


7. Paw-Shaped Pet Grooming Glove from Exgreem

Designed for short and medium hair cats and dogs, the Paw-Shaped Pet Grooming Glove from Exgreem has slightly shorter silicone bristles for quick and efficient hair removal. As an added benefit, the glove is eco-friendly and produced from materials guaranteed not to hurt your pet’s skin.


8. Wellvo 2-Pair Pet Grooming Gloves

If you have lots of pets or pets with lots of fur, consider buying these gloves from Wellvo. The set of two includes one pair of pink gloves and one pair of blue gloves that are designed with silicone pads to grip onto loose fur.


9. 2-in-1 De-shedding and Massaging Glove

This may be the most expensive item on our list, but you get a lot for your money with the 2-in-1 De-shedding and Massaging Glove. You’ll receive a right-handed, five finger de-shedding glove. And you’ll also get a 2-in-1 grooming glove, which has long, silicone bristles on one side for long hair and massaging velour on the other side.

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