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Dog House: Put a Roof Over Your Furry Friend’s Head

* Luxurious pet tent with castle design
* Breathable cushion with zipper for easy removal and cleaning
* Powder coated frame to protect teeth from bite damage

Venhem’s Premium Pet Tent House Castle gives pet-owners the opportunity to bring their beloved dogs or cats with them on camping trips, family vacations or long days spent at the beach. Depending on space, this Pet Tent will also make an adorable addition to your indoor — or backyard — pet toy collection, giving your four-legged friends a comfortable space for naps and play.

Dogs and cats need down time too, and this castle lets them join in on the fun while providing them with a fancy space to escape the heat, nap, and play like the kings and queens they are. The Venhem Premium Pet Tent has a powder-coated internal frame to protect from any nibbling or scratching, while the cushion is made from 100% non-irritant cotton with a zipper for easy cleaning. The door easily rolls up and down, and has a velcro adhesive to hold it in place.

While this tent provides a convenient way to bring pets along on camping trips and other activities, the design is also great for playtime and nap-time indoors or in the backyard. Due to its compact design, set up and clean up are simple and quick.

The Pet Castle’s unique design and fun color range make it a fun alternative to the plastic, poorly-made dog houses and bulky cat trees that mar your interior design efforts and take over your home. Your pet will fall in love with their new space, and this adorable pet house will not leave your home looking like a zoo.

With a variety of color options to choose from, ranging from subdued neutrals to bright pinks, you are sure to find the best color to suit your furry family member’s distinct personality.

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