You’ll Do a Double Take At These 8 Pieces of Pet Furniture That Double As Home Decor

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* 8 dual-function furniture pieces to please you and your pet
* Pet furniture doesn’t need to be an eyesore
* Pieces include dog crates, cat beds and a gate

Having a pet often means your home is full of pet furniture. From beds to crates, these necessary items are often functional and don’t usually blend well with your interior design. However, no one said it has to be this way. In this list of dual-purpose home furniture, you’ll find beds, crates, gates and more. All of these don’t just work functionally for your pet, they also add style and luxury to your home through classy designs and high-quality craftsmanship.

1. Zipcode Design Brent Pet Ottoman

This attractive ottoman is as fun for your pet as it is for you. With a sleek suede exterior and handy removable cover, you’ll enjoy the footrest or some additional display space while your pet enjoys a hidden place to call its own. This piece is ideal for small dogs and cats. Plus, it’s easily cleaned thanks to the wipeable fabric.

3 years
I'd like to say my cat would love these too, but I just know if I bought...
NeP-C Ledesma
4 years
Wow these are really cute. My cat will love them! :)

3 years
I’d like to say my cat would love these too, but I just know if I bought…
NeP-C Ledesma
4 years
Wow these are really cute. My cat will love them! :)
Zipcode Design Brent Pet OttomanImage courtesy of Wayfair


2. Design Imports Oakley Pet Toy Basket

If your dog could choose a piece of furniture to have in the house, it’s a good bet it would be bone shaped. This Design Imports bone-shaped basket is a fun item with a dual purpose. It’s a great place to store your dog’s favorite things (their toys, of course) and includes a lockable buckle to prevent your pawed friend from getting inside. It’s also made from woven wicker for a cute display and features a handle for carrying convenience.

Design Imports Oakley Pet Toy BasketImage courtesy of Wayfair


3. Petmaker Waterproof Pet Throw Blanket

Your cat or dog probably loves a soft blanket as much as you do. Give them a nice place to sleep and protect your furniture, car or carpet at the same time with the Petmaker Waterproof Pet Throw. This blanket is plush on one side and lined with fuzzy Sherpa on the other. Between the two soft sides is a water-resistant layer that effectively stops liquids from seeping through. As an added bonus, the blanket is easy to clean when accidents do happen.

Petmaker Waterproof Pet Throw BlanketImage courtesy of Wayfair


4. Dharma Dog Karma Cat Pet Basket

This cute home decor doubles as a comfy place for your cat to hide and sleep. The Dharma Dog Karma Cat Basket is made from 100% wool containing lanolin, which will remind your pet of its mother’s scent. The material also contains natural oil to keep your cat’s fur well groomed. Handcrafted in a women’s collective in Nepal, purchasing this basket not only allows you a beautiful home decoration, it also supports these women and their families.

Dharma Dog Karma Cat Pet BasketImage courtesy of Wayfair


5. Archie & Oscar Antoinette Comfy Pet Bed Bench

Give your pet a place of their own and add an extra seating arrangement to your home with the Archie & Oscar Antoinette Pet Bed Bench. The ottoman itself is upholstered in brown leather and features a large front opening for access to the hidden dog bed. The top opens with a hinge for easy cleaning and the back of the bench is finished, so you don’t need to display it against a wall. You just might want to warn any guests that a dog might pop out from under their feet. Otherwise, they might not guess that they are actually sitting on pet furniture.

Archie & Oscar Antoinette Comfy Pet Bed BenchImage courtesy of Wayfair


6. Tucker Murphy Pet Kinard Pet Bed and End Table

If you like the idea of having your pet as close as possible without actually letting your furry friend get up on your couch, this Tucker Murphy End Table will be a great addition to your living room. Not only does it give your pet somewhere to relax, it also provides a convenient end table for books, phones and your cup of coffee. This pet bed is recommended for small to medium pets weighing no more than 50 pounds and comes with a 3-inch-thick mattress to keep your pet living in luxury.

Tucker Murphy Pet Kinard Pet Bed and End TableImage courtesy of Wayfair


7. Tucker Murphy Pet Jester Convertible Pet Gate

With its multi-functional design and versatile build, the Trucker Murphy Pet Gate has your back when it comes to keeping your pet in one place. If that means keeping them contained in a specific room, the gate can produce a barrier from one door to another. On the other hand, this Trucker Murphy product can also create a freestanding box to get your pet to stay in one smaller area. In addition, the gate is beautifully produced with a dark wood finish that blends in with any upscale decor.

Tucker Murphy Pet Jester Convertible Pet GateImage courtesy of Wayfair


8. Archie & Oscar Anson Crown Pet Crate

The Archie & Oscar pet crate is ideal for keeping your pet out of the way but not out of sight. Instead of shutting your dog or cat away in another room, this hardwood crate gives you the ability to contain your furry friend in a beautiful piece of furniture. The crate is made from a durable rubberwood, comes in a variety of finishes and features an easy-lock latch. It’s also water resistant and can be used indoors or outdoors. All of this combined with the useful tabletop space makes the crate a multi-functional option to have around the house.

Archie & Oscar Anson Crown Pet CrateImage courtesy of Wayfair


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