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Digital Daycare for the Home Alone Pet

* No more expensive pet daycare
* Only takes a few minutes of training
* Monitor your home as well with sound and motion detector alerts

Anyone who has a pet knows they are members of your family. And just like any family member, you miss them during the day and wonder what they are doing. Unlike “human” family members, however, the communication aspect is slightly different and so they might need a little more TLC. This is where PetChatz comes in.

The Pet Chatz HD and PawCall Bundle is a premium, 2-way interactive treat and audio/video system that allows you and your pets to connect when apart.

Designed by top pet behaviorists, researchers, psychologists and technologists, this camera offers the only fully interactive pet experience out there. If you miss your pet during the day, worry about your pet when you leave the house or want to see and interact with them during vacations, then this is the best way to communicate with them when you are away.

In addition to the interactive camera, PawCall was developed to let your pet contact you and play games during the day. On pre-scheduled times, your pet can press PawCall and you will then be notified that they want to “chat.”

PawCall also lets you dispense low-calorie treats at your leisure and load essential oils to calm them down during poor weather or unexpected noises. You can also monitor your home with sound and motion detection alerts.

Other features included in this bundle are a fully contained, pet-safe design that securely attaches to your wall with no sharp corners, edges or cords to chew. Put your concerns to rest knowing your pet’s curiosity is safe around the PetChatz HD and PawCall Experience.

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