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Phone Screen Magnifiers That Prevent Eye Fatigue While Enhancing Clarity

Using a phone screen magnifier has tons of benefits. Whether you’re visually impaired, looking to protect your kids from excessive screen-time, or just want a more pleasant experience for watching videos than on a tiny smartphone screen, this cool gadget can make your phone more multifunctional than ever.

Plus, phone magnifiers work with any kind of smartphone, making them one of the most versatile tech accessories out there. The iPhone has certain apps that provide a magnified view of items, but if you need a bigger view of the entire screen, a magnifying tool that comes with a phone stand can be useful.

A phone screen magnifier can enlarge fonts and images, acting as a sort of low-budget alternative to an iPad – with a less sharp, but still decent screen quality. Out of all the cellphone accessories out there, this one is particularly useful any time you’re traveling, camping, or experiencing eye fatigue. Most of them are extremely affordable at around $20 and under, so they make a fantastic gift for someone’s birthday, or during the holiday season.

If you want text that’s more legible or larger images, check out these top-rated phone screen magnifiers that make daily tasks easier.

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best overall

$23.95 $26.95 11% off

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This foldable 2-in-1 phone magnifier and phone stand is compatible with all smartphones and extremely easy to set up. It provides a hi-def image that’s magnified by up to 4 times, stopping eye fatigue in its tracks. Powerful Bluetooth speakers ensure that you don’t have to sacrifice any sound quality, and when folded, it has a very small footprint. The 12-inch stand is lightweight and creates an instant tablet for under $25.

runner up

This phone screen enlarger has a light-proof plate which helps protect your eyesight and reduce glare. The ultra-thin setup rotates and folds to fit comfortably in any bag. Use it for watching videos while camping, indoors, or anywhere else where you need something a little larger than a phone screen. One user says it makes reading small print much easier, so if you have any e-books downloaded, you can use this device as a makeshift Kindle.

best curved screen

Even though it’s curved, this portable HD screen amplifier can be folded flat, and have its curved shape restored. The curved shape is beneficial because it’s easier on the eyes and enhances overall viewing quality. But how exactly does it reduce eye fatigue and make? Because that screen curvature matches the shape of human eyes, providing more relief. The material is thin yet durable and one shopper uses it “in the bathtub; standing outside grilling, and especially camping.”

largest pick

$25.95 $29.95 13% off

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If you’re looking for a larger screen to better enhance your movie-watching experience or because normal screen magnifiers just don’t seem to do enough, look no further than this acrylic lens screen magnifier by Fanlory, which is a whole 2 inches larger than your average phone screen magnifier. Buyers describe the projected image as “crisp and clear”, while the device’s adjustable feet allow you to raise the viewing screen to where you need it.

best for kids

This screen magnifier is ideal for kids as it protects their growing eyes from too-close screen exposure. It offers between 2-4 times the magnification of a regular phone screen and has a viewing angle that can be adjusted, as well as an HD threaded lens. For a hands-free experience, use the attached silicone suction cup. As for ease of use, one Amazon reviewer says, “a 5-year-old was able to set it up on his own after I showed him once.”

most portable

This is one of the most compact phone screen magnifiers on our list, – it can practically fit in your jacket pocket. It also happens to be one of the most attractive with its expensive-looking wooden aesthetic. A magnetic holder and non-slip cloth ensure that your phone doesn’t slip, and the special acrylic lens helps to reduce eye fatigue. It can be easily folded away into a flat, tiny size making it perfect for when you want to magnify phone screens on the go.

most versatile

If you need to speak on the phone or take meetings, you can easily do so with this multifunctional phone screen magnifier. It features stereo sounds and allows you to take incoming calls with one of the built-in press buttons, which then allows the caller’s voice to be heard through the high-quality speakers, and lets you speak back via a built-in microphone. A USB cable even lets you charge your phone while using the magnifier.

best budget pick


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If you’re skeptical about splurging on a phone screen magnifier, make this low-stakes purchase instead before upgrading to something with more bells and whistles. For just over $10, you get convenient magnification (available in 2 sizes) with your standard high-definition optical technology. Despite its insanely low price tag, this product has earned multiple 5-star reviews, so it’s worth a try whatever the result is.