Here Are the Most Common Picture Frame Sizes For Hanging Your Artwork

Americanflat Poster Frame
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It’s taken you forever, but it’s finally complete. The painting you’ve dedicated months to is now a finished masterpiece. There’s only one more thing you have to do: find the perfect picture frame size to fit your canvas.

Although it might seem a tad intimidating, finding the correct picture frame size for hanging your artwork or photos is relatively simple — if you’re working with conventional canvas sizes, that is. Most of the time, picture frame sizes are standard. Sure, some folks might be painting or photographing in unconventional formats harder to find frames for, but the majority of people painting and shooting photos won’t have that much of a problem.

What is Printed vs Matted?

When choosing a picture frame size, you also need to consider matting. Matting is when you choose to frame the photo or work of art even further, typically by placing a white mat board inside of the frame alongside the artwork. A solid depiction of matting vs non-matting can be seen below from Sea Light Print Shop. In this graphic, the matted photo is on the left while the non-matted photo sits on the right.

matted vs non-matted photo Courtesy of Sea Light Print Shop

Whether you’re hanging up your kids’ school projects or minimalist art prints you found on Society6, they’ll likely fit into the most standard picture frame sizes. Frame Destination mentions that the most popular picture frame sizes (with and without mat boards) are as follows:

picture frame size chart Courtesy of Frame Destination

Picture frame sizes clearly vary whether you’re matting or not. Size also clearly depends on what exactly you’re framing as well.

Lucky for you, a multitude of varying picture frame sizes can be found at various online retailers, including Amazon, Michaels, Frame It Easy, Shutterfly, Target, Blick and more.

We found our favorite frames per frame size to check out online. See below and check out our favorites.

8″ x 10″

As per the chart above, an 8″ x 10″ picture frame size can fit 8″ x 10″ artwork without a mat, 5″ x 7″ artwork with a mat and 4″ x 6″ artwork with a mat. This is one of the most popular frame sizes for smaller family photos you’ll see hanging on walls in home hallways and staircases. They typically don’t need to look so gaudy, so these picture frames from Amazon are perfect. They come in a pack of seven and are durable, sturdy and good-looking.

Giftgarden 8x10 Picture Frame Courtesy of Amazon


5″ x 7″

When purchasing a 5″ x 7″ picture frame, note that the majority of the time these are also used for family photos. No one is really placing their artwork in a framed size so tiny unless you’re starting a new trend. These are perfect for sitting on your work desk or mantle in your house. Our favorite comes from Michaels because of its affordable price and black frame.

Black Multipurpose Frame Courtesy of Michaels


11″ x 14″

Time to get a little bigger. As per the chart above, the 11″ x 14″ picture frame size can fit 11″ x 14″ sized artwork without a mat, 8.5″ x 11″ sized artwork with a mat and 8″ x 10″ artwork with a mat. One of our favorite frames comes from Frametory on Amazon. This one comes with a mat for 8″ x 10″ photos and artwork so you don’t have to cut one yourself. The mat is also removable if you prefer. Pick your poison in black or white!

Frametory, 11x14 White Picture Frame Courtesy of Amazon


8.5″ x 11″

Mount or hang whatever you’d like in these frames made for 8.5″ x 11″ prints or 4″ x 6″ photos and artwork matted. Blick sells this inexpensive plastic frame to make it easy for you to hang whatever you choose around your home or office. Use horizontally or vertically for photos, art and even documents.

MCS Format Frames Courtesy of Blick


16″ x 20″

Hang all of your 16″ x 20″ images and artwork with this classic frame. It can hold prints the same size or images 11″ x 14″ matted. Target uses this exceptionally cool sturdy plastic frame to look like wood and brighten up any room. It adds texture to whatever you’re hanging and will make your image pop.

Wedge Poster Frame Natural Courtesy of Target


20″ x 24″

As per Frame Destination, 20″ x 24″ frames are the most common picture frame sizes in a larger format. They obviously frame photos the same size well, but they also look great framing 16″ x 20″ photos and artwork with a mat. Like the option prior, this frame is also from Tartget and will spice up your room the second it’s hung.

Americanflat Poster Frame Courtesy of Target