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This Pineapple Pet Bed Is a Fruity Treat Your Cat or Dog Will Love

* Pineapple-shaped novelty pet bed
* Soft, plush feel and cushioning for ultimate pet comfort
* Well-sized for cats and smaller dogs

A huge part of pet ownership has to do with joy, so why not return the favor with a smile-inducing pet bed? Traditional versions offer a cushy, soft place for Fido to rest his head — so does the pineapple pet bed seen here, but with so much more humor and delight.

Constructed from plush, fuzzy fleece, it’s a cozy retreat perfectly sized for a small dog or cat. The pineapple shape, while novel and humorous, does offer a pragmatic purpose – the domed structure offers an enclosed, snug spot for resting.

The tent-like feel blocks out just enough light to optimize those cat naps and offers a sense of peace and security when the humans in the house are just too much to handle. The synthetic material is easy to clean – it’s stain resistant and can be cleaned with soap and a bit of warm water.

A well-padded yet fluffy base provides additional comfort, especially from hardwood floors – older pets will certainly appreciate a cushiony reprieve from hard surfaces. And best of all, the cuteness of a huge plush pineapple combined with the cuteness of your pet will equal the picture-perfect moments that make pet ownership so much fun.

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