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These Hard-to-Kill Plants Can Survive Even the Worst Gardeners

We all know there are plenty of benefits to adding plants to your indoor space. Plants can help reduce stress, sharpen attention skills and boost productivity and mood. Plants can be therapeutic and help people recover from illnesses faster. Plus, there’s that whole improved air quality aspect that is pretty important. Still, many of us refrain from adding plants to our space because of guilt: plant killer guilt.

We too have struggled with how to take care of plants. We’ve moved them in and out of the light, overwatered, underwatered, pruned and left the plant alone completely. We’ve named plants, talked to them and even pleaded. After years of unsuccessful plant parenting, we have finally discovered that we were trying to co-exist with the wrong type of plant. It’s now hardy or bust.

There are many types of indoor plants that provide all the great benefits while being resolutely low maintenance, which is a nice way of saying that these plants are hard to kill. Several plant retailers even have a separate category for easy-care plants because so many people struggle to keep plants alive.

Skip your typical sad, dry, messy plant funeral and add one of these easy-to-maintain, hard-to-kill plants to your indoor space. Because many of the plants below are plants that thrive in low light conditions, be sure to check out our guide to the Best Low Light Plants as well.


1. Costa Farms Snake Sansevieria


When it comes to plants that are tough to kill, it doesn’t get much tougher than Sansevieria plants. Also known as Snake Plants, the Sansevieria should be watered weekly but can go for weeks without, making them a great option for people who travel or who are really, really bad at remembering to water their plants. Sansevieria enjoys bright, indirect light and can grow up to 3 feet, an excellent size regardless of how much space you have/don’t have. There are dozens of varieties of Snake Plants and while some are needier when it comes to light conditions and watering needs, the Sansevieria is friendly to gardeners of all skill levels, including beginners.

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2. Spider Plant ‘Bonnie’ Chlorophytum Comosum


Watch in awe as your Spider Plant ‘Bonnie’ Chlorophytum Comosum not only grows but thrives in just about any setting. The Spider Plant works in low or bright lights and is semi-drought tolerant, meaning it only requires watering once per week. The non-toxic, pet-friendly plant has beautiful yellow and green leaves that curl as they grow. Once the plant begins to mature, it will start spouting plantlets at the end of the curls, which can be removed and planted to grow more Spider Plants.

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3. Mini Beginner Set by Bloomscape


If you’re ready to take on a trio of plants that are tough to kill, we like the Beginner Set by Bloomscape. The plethora of plants includes a Hedgehog Aloe, a Money Tree and Philodendron Heartleaf, all three plants that are considered hardy and hard to kill. The non-toxic, pet-friendly plants work in any light conditions and require only minimal, occasional watering when the soil is partially or completely dry.

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Courtesy of Bloomscape

4. Money Tree Stump


Know another plant killer? Gift them a plant that doesn’t require much TLC. The pet-friendly Money Tree Stump has bright green palm leaves and requires low to bright indirect light for an easy-care routine. Money Trees are believed to bring fortune and positive energy to their owners and can be part of a Feng Shui practice (Bloomscape also sells a Mini Money Tree and a more traditional Money Tree that features a braided trunk that “traps fortune” within its braided folds). A great gift for anyone who wants to add some literal and figurative green to their space, Money Trees are also believed to help reduce anxiety and stress and promote healthy sleep.

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Courtesy of Bloomscape

5. Large Parlor Palm


Pet lovers who want to add some (durable) green to their space will appreciate the Large Parlor Palm. A great pick for dog and cat owners who want a non-toxic plant, the Parlor Palm boasts air-purifying qualities and arrives in a pot that provides room to grow. We like this large size from The Sill because, as noted by the company, larger plants can be easier to care for than small plants because they are more mature and established, which means they can lose a few leaves when under stress and still thrive. The high volume of soil also means that large plants like the Parlor Palm don’t require frequent watering, another pro for those who have had bad luck with plants.

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Courtesy of The Sill

6. Large Dracaena Marginata Open Weave


Another large plant that doesn’t require frequent watering is the Large Dracaena Marginata Open Weave. Also known as Dragon Trees, these plants are a great pick for humid rooms in the home, like bathrooms or kitchens. They prefer bright, indirect light and don’t need to be watered frequently, especially since these plants are better underwatered than overwatered. Dragon Trees can grow to between 6 to 8 feet and can last for years, but pet owners take note — the leaves are toxic to cats and dogs.

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7. Preserved Moss Art Framed by Art Botanica Moss


Want to add some plants to your home that require no maintenance? Check out the beautiful Preserved Moss Art Framed by Art Botanica Moss, made using live moss that doesn’t require water or sunlight. Available in several sizes and with fern and wood elements, this piece adds some green to any space and you don’t have to worry about killing your art. Seriously, zero maintenance!

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Courtesy of Etsy

8. Zamioculcas Zamiifolia Live ZZ Plant in Ecopots by United Nursery


The Zamioculcas Zamiifolia (or ZZ plants as they are also commonly known) are frequently recommended for plant lovers who are missing a green thumb. Described as a “hardy” plant, the ZZ requires minimal water and light, although bright light does help encourage growth. The waxy leaves look beautiful in any setting and we like that United Nursery uses Ecopots, which are available in several colors and made from recycled plastics and natural minerals.

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Courtesy of Home Depot

9. Peperomia Rosso


For a splash of color from the tropics, we like the Peperomia Rosso — Peperomia Caperata from the Rooted Store. The plant arrives 4-inches tall and can grow up to 9-inches when mature. A great plant for beginners, the tropical plant has oval-shaped leaves that are green on the top and red underneath. Medium to bright indirect light is ideal for the Peperomia Rosso, which can sprout flower spikes in bright light. Watering is only needed once per week and for the adventurous gardener, place a healthy clipping from the Peperomia Rosso in soil or water and watch a new plant grow in weeks.

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10. Farmer’s Choice Orchid


When we think of plants that are long-lasting and hard to kill, we typically think of greens only. If you want to add some color to your space with a durable plant, an orchid is a great place to start. Orchids, like the Farmer’s Choice from Bouqs, work best in medium to low indirect light. It only needs watering once per week, and Bouqs recommends dropping an ice cube into the soil for an easy watering alternative. All orchids are non-toxic to dogs and cats, another bonus of these beautiful, hard-to-kill flowers.

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Courtesy of Bouqs

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