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One Tiny Add-On To Prevent You From Ever Dropping Your Phone Again

* Enhances grip and control of your phone
* Works as hand-held device or as a stand
* Choose from a variety of designs and colors 

Now you can gain peace of mind knowing you will never drop your phone or smart device again with the one-of-a-kind PopSockets: Expanding Stand and Grip for Smartphones and Tablets.

Boasting an innovative grip technology, PopSockets grant you full control of your device and transform its capabilities so when you text, make calls or take selfies, you won’t have to fear the dreaded phone drop. It also doubles as a reliable and secure phone stand as well.

PopSockets come with an advanced reusable and washable adhesive so it can be easily re-positioned anytime. You can also mount PopSockets on practically any flat surfaces, including mirrors, dashboards, refrigerators and walls for hands-free viewing.


Not to limit itself to just phones, PopSockets can also hold your favorite tablet, e-book reader or gaming device, so you can play video games, read your favorite book or binge watch your favorite shows in complete comfort while keeping your hands relaxed. The device tilts, expands and collapses for optimal positioning.

In case you’re wondering, it works in landscape and portrait modes so feel free to FaceTime and Skype while you’re at it too. For GoPro aficionados, this innovative device offers a sturdy grip for your camera so you can nail those stunning shots even in slippery, watery conditions like the pool or at the beach when you’re trying to capture your impressive hang ten on video.

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