These 4 Space Heaters Are Smaller Than An iPad Mini and Will Warm You Up Fast

best portable space heater
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* Winter temperatures call for more heating
* Target your warming with these personal heating devices
* Small enough to take with you on the go

As temperatures continue to drop this winter, and some parts of the U.S. battling temperatures even colder than Mars, it’s only natural to want to crank up the heat wherever you are. For a personalized warming experience, try one of these four compact space heaters. Each one is small and easy to move around the house, or carry with you to the office for customizable warmth wherever you are.

1. TRIEtree Cute Cartoon Mini Heater

For a functional heater with an adorable look, check out this portable heater in a charming bear design. Composed of safe, flame-retardant material, it’s designed for rapid and efficient heat conversion, so no electricity is wasted getting you warm.

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2. Lasko Personal Ceramic Heater

For targeted warmth, this heater is designed to warm only you and not the entire room. It’s equipped with  low power usage, so it won’t create a massive energy bill either.

Lasko Personal Space Heater Amazon Image Courtesy of Amazon


3. Brightown Portable Mini Heater

This compact model fits snugly on your desk, shelf, or dorm room, and warms up quickly. The housing is cool to the touch also, making it easy to grab it and go.

Brightown Portable Mini Heater Image Courtesy of Amazon


4. Meetcute Wall Outlet Electric Mini Fan

Plug it into any three-prong wall outlet and feel the warmth of this 180 degree rotating mini heater. Its digital thermometer can be adjusted between 60-90 degrees, and you can program the timer for an automatic shut off, so you won’t waste electricity or have to worry about starting a fire.

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