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Make Gardening a Breeze With the Best Potting Benches of 2022

A potting bench is a must-have piece of furniture for all gardeners, whether they’re novices or pros. It can help store things like gardening tools and fertilizer, and act as a surface in potting soil. By investing in one, you can reduce the amount of crouching and bending that often leads to back or knee pain. It can also reduce the time spent hunting for your tools. Still, you might be wondering: what makes the best potting bench? There are certain factors to consider.

What To Look For in a Potting Bench

Surface area: While a potting bench can accomplish many things, the most important factor to consider is the space you’ll need for soil mixes, filling pots and holding plants. A big, flat surface will be essential to accommodate all your materials. Keep an eye out for additional useful bells and whistles like a dry sink, which can be used to hold soil. Benches with extendable surfaces can be helpful for anyone working with bigger pots or seed trays, and if you have a large greenhouse or garden, consider a bigger model.

Material: Since your potting bench will most likely live outdoors, finding a weatherproof material will be essential. While galvanized steel is the most durable and long-lasting option, there are plenty of weather-resistant woods such as eucalyptus, fir, mahogany or acacia. Other options to consider are waterproof vinyl, resin, or iron, but your bench can easily be stored beneath a tarp. Additionally, the more lightweight your potting bench is, the easier it will be to move indoors during bad water.

Storage space: Additional shelving is a plus on potting benches, and most models online have at least one extra shelf. If you need some more storage space, seek out options with built-in add-ons like hooks and multiple shelves that can hold tools and more. Keep an eye out for potting benches with sinks, drawers, and other useful garden organizers.

Important Factors To Consider

Height: Potting benches come in all sizes, and many are three feet high. The goal is to reduce bending and lifting on your part, so opt for a height that will keep you, your knees and your back as comfortable as possible. If you’re tall, try to find a slightly higher bench.

Location: A shed or greenhouse is ideal to minimize cleanup, whereas placing your bench on a deck might require more sweeping. Ideally, it should be exposed to natural light and air. Consider placing it in a location that’s near your supplies, a trash can, and a water source.

Finish: Adding a weather-resistant stain to your wood can help upgrade a basic potting bench, and if you don’t like the look of a tarp/cover, it’s important to find materials that can handle water.

Here are the most popular potting benches of 2022 to help you stay organized and make repotting a breeze.


1. Best Choice Products Wooden Potting Bench Table with Dry Sink


This wooden potting bench also doubles as a table with a dry sink in the middle. Made from high-quality Chinese fir wood, and can be stained with a colored finish or something to help make it more weatherproof. The dry sink allows for less messy, more accessible soil mixing and plant potting, and can be slid shut when it’s not in use. Combined with hooks and tiered shelves, this is an attractive storage solution for all your gardening needs.

Best Choice Products Wooden Potting Bench Table with Dry Sink


2. Outsunny Gray/Light Blue Fir Wood Potting Bench


This light blue potting bench made of fir wood is charming and rustic, creating the ultimate garden workstation. With its soft colors and gridded backing that’s perfect for hooks and tools, this bench will make a statement in any setting. It features a sink and a soft-glide drawer to store all your necessary accessories and tools away from sight. The lower slatted shelf lets you store large items like watering cans, while a built-in blackboard allows you to keep track of your gardening activity.

Outsunny Gray/Light Blue Fir Wood Potting Bench


3. Amerihome Multi-Use Galvanized Potting Bench


While you can pull this multi-use unit out whenever you need a potting bench, it’s helpful for so much more. Whether it’s for a temporary workshop station or an additional surface area for your next alfresco dinner or BBQ, this heavy-duty galvanized steel option can survive it all without being exposed to any rust or corrosion. Along with being the most durable choice, it’s also a fantastic minimalist option for those who prefer an understated design.

 Amerihome Multi-Use Galvanized Potting Bench Fir Wood Potting Bench


4. NORTHBEAM Wood Folding Potting Bench with Zinc Top


If you’re looking for the most save-spacing option possible, consider this natural wood potting bench that folds. Complete with a galvanized zinc tabletop that’s easy to clean, this durable and compact bench by Northbeam is as functional as it is affordable. It comes partially assembled and can be stored vertically or horizontally when not in use. Sold in two heights, it can also be used as a folding utility table for indoor or outdoor usage, as well as a patio buffet table when guests are over.

NORTHBEAM Wood Folding Potting Bench with Zinc Top


5. VEIKOUS Dark Gray Wooden Potting Bench Table


Keep your garden organized and earn some compliments while doing so with this weatherproof organizer which comes with pre-attached side hooks. This handsome charcoal gray potting bench comes complete with a removable stainless steel sink and a large drawer with a silver handle. Open shelving at the bottom allows for more storage, and the table can support up to 220 pounds. It’s a versatile, minimalist workspace for gardening, crafting and more.

VEIKOUS Dark Gray Wooden Potting Bench Table


6. Portside Garden Storage


Although potting benches are meant to solve the back pain that comes from stooping and squatting over your precious plant, they aren’t all the most comfortable choice for taller people. This Portside Garden Storage piece comes with several hooks for hanging tools, shelves and a working surface that’s slightly higher than usual. Made from eucalyptus and mahogany, this sustainably sourced storage system is well worth the splurge for anyone with a green thumb.

Portside Garden Storage


7. Canopia 2-Tier Plastic Potting Bench


While plastic might not be as hardy as galvanized steel, it’s still a durable and weatherproof option that makes for a lightweight alternative. With two tiers for potting, this plastic potting bench has holes for drainage and airflow while taking up minimal floor space. If you need to quickly move or reposition your workstation, it won’t be a hassle, and it also makes assembly much easier. Its green hue will help it seamlessly fit in with your foliage.

Canopia 2-Tier Plastic Potting Bench


8. Red Barrel Studio Solid Wood Potting Bench


Having a lattice backing in your potting bench is an attractive and helpful way to organize your most accessed tools and store items within sight. Besides the gridded backing, this fir and hardwood potting bench features two slatted shelves that are wide enough to hold soil, planters and more.

Red Barrel Studio Solid Wood Potting Bench


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