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Add Some Whimsy With This Prada Accessory

* Keychain and fob made of multi-colored steel hardware
* Comes in a pouch and presentation box
* Made in Italy

Prada’s Spring 2017 collection was a bit eclectic, slightly quirky and filled with maribou feathers. It was a subtle yet playful take on the classic pieces that Prada is best known for. One accessory piece that is emblematic of the collection is the Robot Steel and Saffiano Leather Key Fob. Equally playful and functional, the key fob will make an interesting addition to your keys or backpack.

Made in Italy, the keychain is crafted from Saffiano leather and multicolored USB shaped “limbs” made to resemble a robot with the Prada enamel triangle logo placed in the center. An oval white head studded with yellow goldtone eyes, lobster clasp and ring fastening finish off the collector’s piece. Use it for your house keys, for car keys or for work. Or clip it to your backpack or bag for a fun, personalized touch.

Prada is an Italian luxury fashion house founded in 1913, specializing in leather handbags, travel accessories, shoes, ready-to-wear, perfume and fashion accessories. Prada continues to wow the fashion world to this day with their coveted collections throughout the years and just recently (as of 2016) started developing and implementing a digital strategy and making their collections available online to purchase. This is in an attempt to modernize and capture younger shoppers as the retail landscape rapidly changes.

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