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These $13 Prank Candles Go From Smelling Amazing to Smelling Foul After Burning For An Hour

* Seemingly ordinary candles carry a stinky scent
* Smells change from sweet to sour within the hour
* Makes a great gag gift for friends, family and soon-to-be-ex’s

You’d never know just by looking at them, but these candles are anything but ordinary. An unassuming design and sleek look help them resemble the types of candles you typically see in greeting card shops—or your grandma’s kitchen. When you light them, you’re instantly greeted with a sweet and inviting citrus scent. And that’s when things start to go wrong.

See, unlike other scented candles, these are designed to smell really, really bad. A great way to prank friends, fam and soon-to-be ex’s, these incognito candles come in two scents (Cereal Killer and Mountain Doo Doo) and are able to quickly turn any room into from an inviting space into a disaster area.

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A fun, slow and easygoing gag gift, each candle comes with its own innocent label, which, coincidentally, is a taste of things to come. Made with 100% soy wax and stearic acid, these candles feature a burn time of up to 40 hours, but there’s pretty much no way anyone will get that far.

As a ThinkGeek exclusive, there’s pretty much no other shop that carries these bad boys, so if you’re looking to up your prank wars, these are a great start.


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