Take the Hassle Out of the Holidays With a Pre-Lit Christmas Tree

pre-lit Christmas tree
Courtesy of The Home Depot
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The holidays are stressful, to say the least. It’s become almost a cliché at this point to highlight how time-crunched, stressed out and rushed we all are heading into and all throughout the holiday season. Due to this being such a communal experience, there are now all sorts of hacks, time-savers and tips and tricks coming to the surface to help you save time and major headaches in the weeks before Christmas and New Year’s. Our advice? Take advantage of these. You’re not cutting corners, you’re not cheating, you’re being smart and savvy with your energy. You’re freeing yourself up to, well, actually enjoy the holiday season? One of our favorite hacks is using a pre-lit Christmas tree.

We know, there’s something about that Christmas tree smell that’s so classically holiday it’s hard to let go of. But you know what’ll make releasing that tradition easier? The fact that at the end of the season you won’t have unleashed an unruly bunch of pine needles on your living room floor and you won’t have to watch the garbage man come pick up your sad, dead Christmas tree. Skip that, and opt for one of these state-of-the-art artificial trees instead. Plus, these come with the lights already on them, so all you need to do is plug them in, set them up and let the mechanics do the work rather than your lower back. Of course, there’s room for your ornaments and a tree topper so you can personalize it to your liking and these are easy to disassemble an store for next year.d

Most of these artificial pre-lit Christmas trees are made of PVC plastic that’s fire retardant and made to look anywhere from traditional artificial to incredibly realistic. You’ll be amazed at how real some of these trees look, and how they’re able to pull off the authentic Christmas tree aesthetic without any of the hassle. Maybe you replace your main Christmas tree altogether? Maybe you use these to add Christmas cheer to a few different rooms in the house so there’s no doubt about which holiday is your personal favorite. Whatever you choose, these trees will take the setup largely off your plate and be around for years to come. Here are the best pre-lit Christmas trees for the 2020 holiday season.


1. 7.5ft Pre-Lit LED Elegant Grand Fir


This 7.5ft artificial tree from Home Depot has the whole package. It’s equipped with 2,000 warm white lights for bringing a sophisticated decorative feel to your home and has 8,307 branch tips for the filled-out tree look you want. The PE branches are flame-resistant and have a natural look that’ll blend right in with your other decor. On Home Depot’s scale for realistic trees this one has been labeled on the “most realistic” side of things for its full shape and high number of branch tips. The lights are micro dot LEDs with a warm white color that’ll dazzle your room with festivity, and the branches include memory wire so setup each year will be streamlined. This tree also comes with a remote control for controlling your lights from anywhere in your home.

pre-lit christmas tree, best pre-lit christmas tree Courtesy of The Home Depot


2. 7.5ft Wesley Long Needle Pine LED Pre-Lit Christmas Tree


This tree has the dazzle down with 550 color-changing SureBright LEDs and hinged branches that are easy to assemble. This tree has a more affordable price tag and a less realistic look, but will still light up your home for the holiday season with over 1,300 branch tips and a full, round shape. This pine tree is also equipped with a foot pedal on/off switch and comes in three different sections that easily stack on top of one another. The LED lights have eight different functions you can switch between for a holiday glow and the SureLight ensures that the lights stay lit even if a bulb goes out or goes missing. This tree also includes its own metal stand for a convenient setup and the branches are certified by UL for electrical hazards and fires.

long needle pine pre-lit christmas tree Courtesy of The Home Depot


3. GoPlus Pre-Lit Christmas Tree


This pre-lit Christmas tree is a spruce made of high-quality PVC material that adds realness and an authentic look to the tree while also making it anti-crush. It comes in four separate sections which makes for a simple setup and makes row-by-row fluffing more fun. It comes with 700 pre-lit LED lights that are both energy efficient and long-lasting, and the metal stand provides for a sturdy foldable base that’ll keep your tree tall and upright while also preventing breakage. You get a festive, long-lasting tree for an affordable price that’ll pay for itself in a few year’s of regular tree prices alone.

GoPlus pre-lit christmas tree Courtesy of Amazon


4. 9ft Sparkling Amelia Pre-Lit Pine Christmas Tree


If you normally go for a pine Christmas tree and are unsure whether an artificial one can truly fill the shoes, we encourage you to explore this option. This pre-lit Christmas tree features 600 warm white LED lights and 1,440 branch tips for filling out the tree and giving it a realistic look. It includes a folding metal stand and snow-dusted branches for a glowing, speckled look that’s more realistic than traditional. This one is a tall tree at 9ft in height, but if you’ve got the space for it it’ll dazzle guests and family alike. The energy-efficient LEDs are long-lasting and the quick-set functionality of the different sections makes for a simple setup that takes less work for you while still maintaining a look of elegance and holiday charm.

9ft sparkling amelia pine, pre-lit Christmas tree Courtesy of The Home Depot


5. 7ft Elegant Slim Grand Fir Pre-Lit Christmas Tree


If fir is normally your holiday go-to for the Christmas season this slim fir is about to revolutionize your space. It’s on the skinnier end of things, so if your tree has normally upended your living room because you just don’t have the space for a larger one, this pre-lit Christmas tree will look great and help you leave everything in its place each year. It has hundreds of warm LED lights for glowing up your living room and has over 3,500 branch tips for a full feel despite the skinny appearance. The pencil shape is perfect for apartments or smaller houses where space is a premium. This tree also has a timer option for the lights to make them even more energy-efficient, a quick setup and memory wire so your tree will return to its optimal shape year after year right out of the box.

best fir pre-lit christmas tree, pre-lit christmas tree Courtesy of The Home Depot


6. 7.5ft Manchester White Spruce LED Pre-Lit Christmas Tree


If spruce is your favorite, this Manchester White Spruce pre-lit Christmas tree will fill out your living room space and has PE and PVC branches strong enough to hold your own ornaments and personal decorations in addition to the built-in LEDs. This tree features over 1,400 PE and PVC evergreen tips and includes 500 pre-lit SureBright LED lights that are as dependable as they are energy-efficient. The mini LEDs on the tree are color-changing so you get a variety of themes with one tree and the realistic look comes in a filled out, round shape that’s just like the real thing.

manchester white spruce, pre-lit Christmas tree Courtesy of The Home Depot


7. 6ft Pre-Lit Snow Flocked Artificial Christmas Tree


This pre-lit Christmas tree comes with the festive flocked design that looks just like pine trees out in the forest after a fresh winter’s snow. This pre-lit tree comes in a variety of heights and will create the perfect wintry feel in your living room. It has 250 pre-strung lights that you don’t have to set up or take down every year, and branches that are easily fluffed for a full-bodied look in 30-45 minutes. The sturdy steel stand will keep your tree standing tall for years after the fact, and the setup takes just a few minutes with three hinged sections that attach and disassemble easily for storage. The artificial branches are also designed to be mess-free and flame resistant, and the tree comes with replacement bulbs in case one goes dead or missing.

flocked artificial christmas tree, pre-lit christmas tree Courtesy of Walmart


8. National Tree Company Pre-Lit Christmas Tree


If you’ve got space in your place and money to spend, this tree is a 10ft-tall winner. It has pre-lit branches that look super realistic and lifelike. There are over 5,000 crafted branch tips that are as charming as they are durable. It has 1,200 UL white lights that’ll remain lit even if a few of them burn out and the sturdy metal base is built to last through many holiday seasons. The tree will take between 60-90 minutes to reach peak fullness out of the box and comes in a bunch of different height options if 10ft is a little too tall for you.

national tree company pre-lit christmas tree Courtesy of Amazon


9. Costway 7ft Pre-Lit PVC Christmas Tree


This simple green Christmas tree comes decked out with big, bright multicolor lights and branch tips designed to look and feel just like a real Christmas tree. These branches are made of fade and crush-resistant PVC material that gives the branches a fresh cut look and the staggered branches fill out the tree’s shape. The 430 LED lights are pre-lit, come in red, blue, green and yellow and are positioned on each branch for a full glow effect. This tree also comes with a high density iron base that’ll keep the tree planted and upright wherever you position it.

Costway pre-lit multicolor LED Christmas tree, pre-lit christmas tree Courtesy of Walmart


10. Balsam Hill Classic Blue Spruce Pre-Lit Christmas Tree


This blue spruce is pre-lit with 850 hand-strung clear lights that look super elegant against the 2,366 lifelike branch tips. The classic needles are made with PVC material for fullness and authenticity, and the tree has a nice full shape standing at 7ft tall and 53 inches wide. This tree comes with a sturdy tree stand, storage bags for keeping the tree in tip top shape the rest of the year, cotton gloves for protecting your hands during installation, extra bulbs and fuses in case of a break, and and on/off foot pedal. This tree is easy to set up, looks beautiful and comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

balsam hill blue spruce pre-lit christmas tree, pre-lit christmas tree Courtesy of Amazon


11. National Tree Company 7.5ft Douglas Fir Tree


This National Tree Company pre-lit Douglas Fir Christmas tree has 750 pre-strung UL low voltage LED lights that can change from clear to multicolor and between nine different light controls and actions. The tree is fire resistant and non-allergenic, and measures 7.5ft tall and 59 inches in diameter. It has 1,867 branch tips that include “Feel Real” branch tip technology for a realistic look and feel that will surprise you. This tree has metal hinged construction where all branches attach to a center pole, and the sturdy metal tree stand will keep everything upright and festive all season long.

national tree best multi-color pre-lit Christmas tree Courtesy of Amazon


12. Northlight 2ft. Pre-Lit Canadian Pine Christmas Tree


If you’re really pressed for space, this pre-lit Canadian Pine Christmas tree is just two feet tall but packs a ton of Christmas joy into a small package. It’s lot a lush and lifelike look with durable PVC branches and 75 tips with 50 clear light bulbs already strung on. It comes with its own plastic stand and the branches are easy to fluff and position exactly where you want them for an easy setup. The green hue will match your holiday decor perfectly and the 16-inch-wide base will fit in even the smallest nook and cranny.

Northlight pre-lit Christmas tree Courtesy of Walmart


13. Belham Living 7.5ft Classic Mixed Needle Pre-Lit Christmas Tree


This is one of the most realistic-looking trees available with 2,375t tips made up of 75% PVC and 25% PE for a realistic appearance. It has 600 clear incandescent lights decking out the branches and at 7.5ft high it’ll fit perfectly in almost any room in your home. The branches perform best when fluffed in a spiral motion from the top downwards, so be sure to spend some time positioning the branches exactly how you want them. They’re all hinged in the center base for a simple assembly that’ll stand tall and sturdy through Christmas right along to New Year’s. If this is your first year using an artificial tree, we recommend this one. All you need is a little extra dab of Christmas tree smell to mimic the real experience almost exactly.

belham living realistic Christmas tree, pre-lit christmas tree Courtesy of Walmart


14. Pre-Lit Upside Down Spruce


Sometimes in life, you’ve got to take what you know and turn it upside down. This pre-lit Christmas tree does just that with a whacky design that’ll turn your holiday on its head — literally! This tree is 7.5ft tall and has a 55″ diameter on top and a sturdy metal stand on the bottom that’ll keep this inverted tree stable. It has 300 warm white LEDs already strung on it and 1,293 branches that stagger all the way up the tree towards the top (which is also the base).

upside down spruce, pre-lit Christmas tree Courtesy of Walmart


15. National Tree Company Majestic Spruce Tree


At only 24 inches in height, the National Tree Company Majestic Spruce Tree is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a tabletop tree this Christmas. It comes pre-strung with 35 UL listed, warm, white, low-voltage, LED lights which are battery operated for additional freedom when displaying the tree. Additionally, the lights have a six hours on, 18 hours off timer, saving you from having to flick the switch every day. You’ll also find 71 branch tips which is enough for a handful of your favorite ornaments as well as an attractive red and gold base to give your tree an even more Christmassy feel.

pre-lit christmas trees national tree Image courtesy of Walmart


16. Best Choice Products Artificial Alpine Pencil Christmas Tree


The Best Choice Products Artificial Alpine Pencil Christmas Tree sports a unique design with a raised base. While not for everyone, this different tree style makes the lower part of the tree more accessible for those who can’t bend down. Alternatively, the additional space gives you extra room to store larger gifts or even just give your home a modern Christmas twist. The three-part tree is easily assembled and comes covered with 250 LED lights.

pre-lit christmas trees best choice Image courtesy of Amazon


17. National Tree Company Burlap Christmas Tree


Sitting four feet tall, the National Tree Company Burlap Artificial Christmas Tree is a great intermediate for anyone who wants something which isn’t too big or too small. The 31-inch diameter gives you a good amount of space for a few of your favorite decorations, while the Feel Real branch tips provide a real look and feel which will have plenty of visitors fooled. The tree comes pre-strung with 150 UL listed clear lights which weave their way around the 643 branch tips. In addition, you’ll find an included burlap sack for a more attractive display.

pre-lit christmas trees national tree company Image courtesy of The Home Depot


18. Costway Fiber Optic Multicolor Christmas Tree


With available lighting pattern modes that include waves, slo-glo, flash and twinkle, there’s plenty of visual entertainment to be had with this Costway Fiber Optic Multicolor Christmas Tree in your home. You can choose between a five, six or seven-foot tall tree, each of which feature 180, 230 and 280 UL-certified LED lights and fiber optics, respectively. The lights come in six different colors and the tree itself requires no additional assembly other than joining the tree to the stand, meaning it’s ready to go in minutes.

pre-lit christmas trees costway Image courtesy of Walmart


19. National Tree Company Artificial Christmas Tree


Why not step away from the traditional green this year and give a white tree, like this National Tree Company Artificial Christmas Tree a try? Like black Christmas trees, this new and popular design is all the rage and functions just like any traditional artificial tree you’re used to. The branches, while white, are realistic to see and touch, while the UL white lights, which number up to 350 depending on your tree size, deliver a twinkle you can’t achieve with a green tree.

pre-lit christmas trees national tree company Image courtesy of Amazon


20. BrylaneHome Fully DecoratedPop Up Christmas Tree


In addition to taking care of the tree lights, this BrylaneHome Fully Decorated Pop Up Christmas Tree also takes care of the best of the decorating, too, meaning your tree prep time is only a matter of minutes. To erect the tree, simply place it over the plastic stand, pull it up and plug it in, et voila. In addition to the 300 twinkling lights, the tree is covered with bows, ornaments and French ribbon for a complete Christmas feel. The tree’s collapsible design also makes it especially easy to store during the rest of the year.

pre-lit christmas trees bryland home Image courtesy of Amazon


21. Northlight Canadian Pine Pencil Christmas Tree


This Northlight Canadian Pine Artificial Pencil Christmas Tree is ideal for households who are tight on space or would prefer a more subtle, less bulky tree option. While sitting at 6.5-feet tall, the tree commands respect; however, the smaller tree diameter reduces the physical amount of space the tree takes up. The 767 two-tone green branch tips also give the tree a more realistic look, while the 400 multi-color lights ensure you’re covered when the lights get low. You’ll also find a hinged construction which makes erecting and packing your tree away super quick and simple.

pre-lit christmas trees home depot Image courtesy of The Home Depot