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The Great Divide: The 8 Best Room Dividers Under $100

* A range of options for dividing rooms around the house
* Includes both privacy screens and rail-mounted curtains
* A great way to refresh a space or provide privacy without building walls

Sometimes having limited space around the home can really feel like you’re living on top of another person. Whether you are siblings sharing a room or a couple moving into your first studio apartment, space is often at a premium. But, maximizing the use of that space is as important as having the space in the first place.

By having the option to divide a room using one of these handy curtains or privacy screens, you can change a bedroom into two usable areas. Alternatively, if you prefer to read and he prefers to watch TV, you can create two areas where you can each enjoy what you like at the same time.

1. NICETOWN Room Divider Curtain

Time alone can be a godsend. That’s why the Nicetown Divider Curtain is a great idea for creating privacy when you’re in the same room as your other family members. The super-soft curtain includes 14 silver grommets to ensure it slides comfortably along the rail, and it also comes in a range of colors to help you match your interior color scheme.  

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2. Giantex 4 Panel Room Divider

Whether it’s your home, office or communal space, the Giantex Room Divider makes breaking up larger spaces easy. With 4 panels and an easy-to-fold design, you’ll have no trouble transporting and placing it. On the other hand, the solid steel frame is built to last. Plus, the neutral colors make the divider easier to match with any room in the home in order to create a temporary, chic area to enjoy.


3. ACME Black Wood Folding Screen

With its simple multi-paneled design, the ACME Folding Screen gives you a quick and easy way to make one space into two. The 3-panel screen is crafted from wood with an elegant black finish. In addition, the lightweight frame makes it easy to put up and take down in an instant.


4. Legacy Decor Shoji Screen Room Divider

If you like the ideal of adding a touch of Japanese style to your room decor, the Legacy Decor Shoji Room Divider could be just the thing you’re looking for. The 71-inch screen has 4 panels joined by 2-way hinges to allow for more flexibility when placing your divider. The classy room addition also comes in 4 different color options, including black and cherry.


5. Legacy Decor Plum Blossom Screen Room Divider

Featuring an attractive blossom branch decoration across the front, the Legacy Decor Plum Blossom Room Divider adds a touch of Asian design to a room. It can be used as pure decoration or a way to divide a larger space. The high-quality divider has 2-way hinges for easier in-room manipulation along with 4 panels to give plenty of coverage. The frame is crafted from pine wood, and the panels are rice paper to complete the style.


6. RoomDividersNow Premium Room Divider Curtain

Whether you’re looking for privacy in a shared bedroom or you’re trying to separate your home office from your home living space, this RoomDividersNow Divider Curtain is a simple solution to achieve those goals. The heavyweight curtain oozes class and is available in a range of sizes and colors so that you can find something to fit your needs. The luxury curtain can also be paired up with another panel for a more traditional curtain arrangement.


7. Coaster Home Furnishings Folding Privacy Screen

Beautifully crafted solid rubber wood forms the frame of this Coaster Home Furnishings Privacy Screen. Just like you remember in a number of classic films scenes, this classy divider is a great way to afford a little privacy whilst changing or even to create a new area in a room. The screen is completed with opaque rice paper panels that ensure the weight remains manageable. It also sports bi-fold brass hinges to complete the classy look.


8. Winsome Wood Folding Screen

With its warm, walnut panels and privacy-enabling but still stylish shape, the Winsome Wood Folding Screen is a great addition to stylish interiors. It features 3 individual panels and can also act as a handy place to display photos and other items. Furthermore, the folding design ensures it’s easy to store away when it isn’t in use.

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