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Are You a Halloween Junkie? 10 Random Pumpkin-Shaped Products To Get in The Fall Spirit

We don’t want to call it too early, but summer is definitely winding down, which means it’s time to prepare for the best season of the year with pumpkin-shaped items.

Fall is my favorite season — it has some of the best holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving), it’s brisk outside but not too freezing, foliage is beautiful and some of my favorite produce is in season. It’s Halloween costume season, and the few weeks of the year when it’s (somewhat) socially acceptable to wear a scary Halloween costume out in public without someone calling the police.

Fall also means everyone and their mother is about to become obsessed with all things pumpkin, and even with my love for fall I get a tad overwhelmed at the sheer number of pumpkin-shaped objects that enter all stores.

You can buy essentially anything in the shape of a pumpkin between the months of August and November, and while I’m all for holiday spirit, some of the items out there seem less than necessary. I’m also not trying to yuck anyone’s yum, so if you’re a devoted fall-er and can’t wait for the leaves to change, I’ve hand-selected some of my favorite pumpkin-shaped items I found after scouring the web.


1. Pumpkin-Shaped Scrub Daddy Halloween Sponges

Scrub Daddy, everyone’s favorite scrubby, scratch-free sponge brand has limited edition Halloween scrubbers available now on their website and on Amazon. Each pack comes with three spooky shapes including a ghost, Frankenstein and, you guessed it, a friendly pumpkin. Scrub Daddy’s FlexTexture foam is firm in colder water, softer in warm water and scratch-free on 25 different surfaces around your home.

These sponges are dishwasher-safe, made for deep cleaning and odor-resistant, so even if the clock strikes midnight on October 31st and all other pumpkin-shaped items go into storage until 2023, we won’t blame you for continuing to use them.

Scrub daddy halloween sponge pack


2. A Pumpkin-Shaped Cocotte

A cocotte is like a cast iron slow cooker that’s perfect for all those warming fall stews, soups, pot roasts and braises. If you’re as into fall as I am, you probably love this decorative pumpkin cocotte that’s practical and beautiful. The glossy multicoat enameling doesn’t just make it look good, it adds strength and heat resistance as well. It has a black matte interior for spooky vibes and added heat resistance, as well as a textured surface that helps with browning.

staub pumpkin-shaped cocotte


3. Dash Mini Pumpkin Waffle Maker

One of SPY’s editors commented that the “waffles” made by this Dash mini pumpkin waffle maker don’t technically look like waffles, due to the lack of syrup pockets. Despite this, it’s still a pretty adorable kitchen gadget, and if a pumpkin-shaped waffle on a Sunday morning watching a football game doesn’t get you in the fall spirit, I’m confident that nothing will.

pumpkin-shaped waffle maker


4. A Pumpkin-Shaped Dog Toy

Yes, they make pumpkin-shaped dog toys so your four-legged friends can get in the spirit too. Each one is made with two layers of durable fabric for maximum longevity against chewing power, and this one is built with a puncture-proof squeaker and a crinkly paper sound for additional sensory play.

pumpkin-shaped dog toy


5. Pumpkin-Shaped Salt and Pepper Shakers

These adorable pumpkin-shaped salt and pepper shakers are perfect if you’re looking for a more subtle fall decoration. Each one comes with holes on top for easy dispensing, and one has slightly more than the other so you can differentiate them. The decorative wagon is included, and will look lovely on any dining room table or kitchen counter.

pumpkin salt and pepper shaker


6. Pumpkin-Shaped Candy Molds

Second only to the costumes on Halloween are the sweets, and this pumpkin-shaped candy mold can make 19 treats about 1.5 inches in size. Each mold is perfect for chocolate, soap making, butter molding and even ice cubes! Think of the pumpkin-shaped items you could make with this!

pumpkin-shaped halloween candy mold


7. A Pumpkin Mug

A pumpkin-shaped mug is something you can get away with throughout fall, not just around Halloween, and we like how this cup isn’t trying to be anything except for your “Pumpkin Cup.” It has a rotund pumpkin shape, a removable curved top with a small stem and a grippy handle for easy holding. Enjoy soup, coffee, broth or any other warming beverage out of this spirited vessel!

pumpkin-shaped mug


8. Pumpkin-Shaped Donut Molds

If pumpkin-shaped candy doesn’t adequately fulfill your pumpkin-shaped treat quota for the year, then these donut molds should do the trick. These silicone molds make it easy to create your own donuts, cakes, jelly, pudding and bread. They’re made from food-grade silicone, can be used in the microwave, oven, toaster oven, freezer and even the dishwasher! They’re flexible so they’re crack-resistant, and each pack comes with three in three different colors.

pumpkin-shaped donut molds


9. Pumpkin-Shaped Pasta

Pastabilities makes pasta in all sorts of shapes, including this Halloween variety pack that includes a jack’o lantern. There’s also a ghost noodle and a spider. It’s natural wheat pasta that’s non-GMO and will definitely help both kids and adults get in the fall spirit.

Pastabilities pumpkin-shaped pasta


10. Pumpkin-Shaped Throw Pillow

Sure, there are plenty of pillows with pumpkins on them, but very few actually in the plump shape of this herbaceous vegetable from the gourd family. This pumpkin-shaped pillow is made from cotton fleece and has a cute 3D shape that’ll look great on your couch or bed. It comes in a bunch of fun fall colors, including this bright yellow. Mix and match for a certifiable fall vibe.

pumpkin-shaped throw pillow