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This Seat Cushion Transformed My Hard Kitchen Chair Into a Super Comfy Desk Chair

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When COVID hit, I didn’t think to bring all of my office equipment home. So instead, my new office consisted of my laptop computer and my wooden dining table and chair. Not the most conducive nor comfortable setting for getting upwards of eight to ten hours of work done a day, but I dealt. After two weeks of facing this new reality, I started looking for alternatives, realizing that this temporary relocation was likely to become semi-permanent.

Fast forward two months, and I’m still working off that same wooden dining chair, but this time without any discomfort. Meet: Purple’s Royal Seat Cushion. This portable gel seat cushion is designed to support your tailbone and bum so you can sit comfy even on the hardest seats or stools.

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Courtesy of Purple

Purple’s grid design evenly supports your body while relaxing under pressure to provide enough give to conform to your curves. The other amazing this is it doesn’t heat up even after hours of sitting time. I’ve been using it daily Monday-Friday during my workdays and despite hours of sitting stagnant, the cushion doesn’t absorb body heat. Its open grid design allows for optimal airflow.

I will admit that when I received it in the mail, I was a bit skeptical of the design. It looks like a rectangular gel grid that doesn’t immediately scream comfort. Once I put it in its included cover — just like a pillow into its pillowcase — this cushion started to look a lot more promising. It even comes with carrying handles so your home office can become that much more mobile. All that said, it’s not about the aesthetic. It’s really about the support. Once I sat on this cushion I understood why people rave about this product. It truly is a game changer for your back and bum.

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Courtesy of Purple

This seat cushion has garnered 10,000+ reviews with an average 4.5 star ratings on Purple’s site — evidence of the fanfare it has attracted. And I can count myself as one of these new Royal Cushion converts.

This cushion costs $79, and while it’s not cheap, it can easily save you money because Purple’s cushion lets you convert any ordinary chair into an office chair. You can work all week-long without any discomfort and avoid having to splurge for a new fancy computer chair.

Beyond this cushion converting your dining chair into the perfect desk chair, it can even serve as a bleacher cushion for sports seasons, a meditation cushion, a comfy car upgrade for your driver’s seat or even an outdoor cushion for patio furniture. Talk about versatile!

So while I don’t expect to be going back to the office any time soon, I’m in no rush to get my office chair back as I have Purple’s Royal Seat Cushion which has turned my ordinary kitchen chair into one of the comfiest seats in the house.