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My Anxiety Over My Puzzles Falling Apart Went Away After I Started Using This $20 Puzzle Felt

* Store complete and partially assembled puzzles
* Protects from damage
* Provides a better puzzle surface

What’s the worst part about putting puzzles together? Having to take them apart. You spend all that time hunting for the perfect piece. Then, when the picture is finally complete, you have to destroy all your work. That’s no fun. Lucky for you, there’s the Lavievert Jigsaw Puzzle Roll Mat. It allows you to preserve and store your puzzles so you can enjoy them anytime without having to rebuild them every time. It’s pretty brilliant.

It’s also remarkably simple. Instead of building your puzzle right on the table, build it on the puzzle mat. Its soft felt keeps pieces from sliding around and getting mixed up. Then, once the puzzle is complete and you’re ready to put it away, you simply roll up the puzzle right in the mat. It holds the pieces snug so they won’t separate. What’s even crazier? It can preserve incomplete puzzles, too. So now, there’s no excuse for not being able to complete your puzzle masterpiece.

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Lavievert holds puzzles up to 1,500 pieces and any puzzle up to 46 x 26 inches in size. Once you’ve rolled up your puzzle, you just slip the two black elastic bands around it and slide it into drawstring bag to keep everything tidy. There’s even a clear slot where you can insert a cart with the name of the puzzle builder on it. That way, it’s easy to find your puzzle when you’re ready to break it out again.


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