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Elevate Your Bathroom With This Floral-Inspired Organizer

* Keeps Q-tips clean and tidy
* Lotus flower design for cute bathroom decor
* Small in size but can hold up to 30 Q-tips 

Add this cute little storage organizer today to fit all of your Q-tips in one, plant-inspired container. The MelonBoat Lotus Cotton Swab Holder is an accessible, camouflaged way to store your cotton swabs.

Measuring 3″ x 3.5,” this lotus flower holder is the perfect piece to add to your bathroom. Its white petals blend in smoothly with the cotton swabs, making it appear as an added aesthetic in your bathroom rather than simply a storage organizer. The holder keeps your Q-tips available for use at any time, sitting in an an easy-to-reach upright position. Just pop off the transparent top layer to access a cotton swab, and you will reveal an appealing, floral design that can hold up to 30 Q-tips at a time.

Made in Shanghai, MelonBoat manufactures helpful, cutesy products like this storage organizer to elevate bathrooms and other areas of the home. Made from a shatterproof material that’s super durable, the transparent lid can help shield dust and moisture from your q-tips. This Lotus Flower Cotton Swab Holder also comes with adjustable free-entry petals for you to re-shape the flower design to accommodate what you’re holding.

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