The Best Quick Drying Towels Mean You’ll Never Deal With a Damp, Smelly Towel Again

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Courtesy of Coyuchi
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There are lots of things to consider when buying a towel. Some of those factors vary based on what you’re going to use it for, but the one universal requirement is to find a towel that’s quick drying. That might seem like a given, but even some of the best absorbent bath towel sets dry in a very normal amount of time — which, is to say, very slowly.

Drying speed may not be the first thing you think of when embarking on your towel search. It’s totally understandable if you prioritize the texture, thickness, size and overall feel, but you don’t have to sacrifice any of that for something that’s highly absorbent and quick to dry. Quick-dry towels come in all sorts of varieties, and they’re all resistant to odor and mildew. That means they’ll feel cleaner for longer, and they’ll be ready to use again much faster. They’re ideal for travel or camping, but quick-drying technology also shouldn’t be overlooked for bath, beach, hand or gym towels.

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If you’re now convinced that a quick-dry towel is the right choice for you, these are some of the best for your towel needs. Grab one to refresh your bathroom and your post-shower routine. Because now that you know fast-drying towels exist, why would you buy any other kind?


1. Temescal Organic Bath Towels


These Coyuchi towels are everything you’d want to wrap yourself in after getting out of the shower. The texture is soft and plush without being too heavy, and the way they’re woven makes them both super absorbent and super quick to dry. You’ll never have to worry about these towels still being damp when you want to use them next, and since they dry so fast, there’s much less of a chance for a build-up of odor or mildew.

On top of that, Coyuchi is an eco-friendly company that always uses 100% organic cotton. While the company makes a few different towels, this is the most absorbent line. For reference, when we went to remove them from the washing machine after the first wash, they already felt almost dry to the touch.

temescal quick drying bath towel Courtesy of Coyuchi

Temescal Organic Bath Towels

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2. Hydrocotton Quick-Drying Towels


The advanced weaving process in these quick-drying bath towels creates thousands of fine loops that make them 10 times more absorbent than traditional cotton terry fabric. They’re woven from Turkish cotton, meaning they’re still super soft and fluffy— they just also happen to dry insanely fast. And they’re on sale, so don’t miss your chance to get such high-quality towels at such a low price.

hydrocotton quick-dry towels Courtesy of Pottery Barn

Hydrocotton Quick-Drying Towels

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3. Mallorca Beach Towel


If you want a classic, good-looking beach towel that’s the perfect texture and density but also absorbant enough to dry you off after every dip in the water, this is the perfect option. It’s a  large quick dry towel with cool nautical stripes and hand-knotted fringe, made from Turkish Aegan cotton for a soft and plush feel. As far as beach towels go, this one satisfies all requirements.

mallorca beach towel Courtesy of Serena and Lily

Mallorca Beach Towel


4. Rainleaf Microfiber Towel


There are certain trips where you have no idea what the lodging situation is going to be, or what sorts of amenities will be provided. In those instances, you need to bring your own towel. This microfiber towel rolls up to be super compact, feels like soft suede against your skin, absorbs five times more water than its weight and still dries extremely fast. It’s the perfect packable travel towel that’ll come in handy when you find yourself at the beach or in need of a shower with no towels in sight.

rainleaf microfiber towel Courtesy of Amazon

Rainleaf Microfiber Towel


5. SALT™ Quick-Dry Towel Set


The zero-twist yarn loops in these quick dry bath towels create a plush, spa-like feel that’s also remarkably absorbent. This set comes with six pieces for all of your bathroom towel needs, and you can choose from a variety of colors to match your bathroom decor. They’ll add some texture and softness for drying hands, face or body without holding on to any of the moisture that leads to a damp, mildewy smell.

salt quick dry bath towel set Courtesy of Bed, Bath & Beyond

SALT Quick Dry 6-Piece Towel Set


6. PackTowl Personal Towel


Camping trips often involve swimming and hopefully, depending on the length, a shower or some sort of river bathing situation. In either of those instances, you’ll want to have a towel on hand that’s easy to pack and dries super quickly to avoid the build-up of bad smells. This one comes in three sizes for beach, body or hand, is made from a super-soft microfiber blend and it’s antimicrobial for added odor-reducing power. It also folds up into the included pouch for easy travel or storage.

packtowel quick dry towel Courtesy of REI

PackTowl Personal Towel


7. Onsen Bath Towel


This luxurious waffled bath towel is not only seriously airy and lightweight, but it also absorbs water better than the more plush towels on the market. The whole Onsen motto is that a dry towel is a clean towel, so all of their offerings are specifically designed to dry at record speed. The open weave Supima cotton is strong, resilient and as absorbent as possible to avoid ever reaching for a damp, musty towel ever again.

onsen bath towel Courtesy of Onsen

Onsen Bath Towel


8. Organic Quick-Dry Textured Towels


If buying organic in all product categories is important to you, these are some great quick dry towels to invest in. They come in bath, hand and washcloth sizes, have a cool ribbed texture and are designed for fast drying. There are also many cool color options and they manage to remain lightweight despite the soft, two ply thickness.

organic quick dry towels Courtesy of West Elm

Organic Quick-Dry Textured Towels


The Best Super Absorbent Bath Towels on Amazon


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