Quick-Drying Towels Means No More Damp, Smelly Towels Again (And These Are the Best)

Quick drying towels
Courtesy of Brooklinen

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When you hear the words “quick-drying towels,” it’s hard not to conjure up images of thin and flimsy travel towels or a Shamwow infomercial. Sure, they may take up less room in your knapsack, but they don’t exactly get the job done when it comes to drying off. Luckily, quick-drying towels have come a long way in recent years, with a variety of new options hitting the market to make all of our in-and-out showering dreams come true.

Today, you can find a wide range of fast-drying and luxurious towels for the bathroom, the gym or the beach. Some of our favorite linen and bedding brands — Parachute, Coyuchi, Brooklinen — make quick-drying bath towels, which are soft to the touch and dry in a matter of hours. You can also find a variety of budget-friendly microfiber towels that dry quickly.

Keep scrolling to find the best quick-drying towels for sale online, with options for every purpose and price point.



What Material Should You Look for in Quick-Drying Towels?

Most towels are typically made from cotton, bamboo or microfiber, but the latter material shines in terms of quick-drying towels. Microfiber is naturally lightweight, fast-drying and absorbent, and often features antimicrobial properties.

You can also find towels made of synthetic materials like nylon, rayon and polyester, often blended with cotton to make them fluffier and more appealing. If it’s a fast-drying towel you seek, stay away from these since they’re not as absorbent as pure cotton or microfiber towels.

If you do prefer a quick-drying cotton towel to one made of microfiber, look for towels made with a quick-drying pattern (like corduroy or waffle). Those specific weaves promote a better overall airflow, which will allow the material to dry even faster while still cutting down on germ growth.

Last is linen, which is thinner and more absorbent than cotton but is used more often for hand towels than a full-sized bath or travel towels.


1. Temescal Organic Bath Towels


These Coyuchi towels are everything you’d want to wrap yourself in after getting out of the shower. The texture is soft and plush without being too heavy, and the way they’re woven makes them both super absorbent and super quick to dry. You’ll never have to worry about these towels being damp when you want to use them next, and since they dry so fast, there’s much less of a chance for odor or mildew build-up.

On top of that, Coyuchi is an eco-friendly company that always uses 100% organic cotton. While the company makes a few different towels, this is the most absorbent line. For reference, when we removed them from the washing machine after the first wash, they already felt almost dry to the touch.

temescal quick drying bath towel Courtesy of Coyuchi


2. Brooklinen Ultralight Bath Towels


These 100% Turkish Cotton towels are lightweight and absorbent and OEKO-TEX certified for chemical safety. Each set of two is made from single-ply yarn that cuts down on breakage and results in soft but sturdy towels, with an ultra-durable, z-twist weave. In layman’s terms, that means less pulling and pilling. These are the fastest-drying towels in the Brooklinen line, ones that boast a solid yet lightweight absorbency so that you can be in and out of the shower in as little time as possible.

Quick drying towels in grey Courtesy of Brooklinen


3. JML Fast-Drying Microfiber Towels


Amazon is one of the best places to buy towels online, and you can find dozens of soft bath towels for sale at Amazon. For fast-drying towels in particular, we recommend the JML Fast-Drying Microfiber towels, which are the best-reviewed fast-drying towels on Amazon right now. With more than 14,000 reviews and a strong 4.5-star rating from Amazon customers, these microfiber towels are a perfect addition to your bathroom or gym bag. Each order comes with two matching towels for just $18. If you’re looking for a full set of bath towels, then we recommend one of the previous options.

fast drying bath towels Courtesy of Amazon


4. Parachute Waffle Towels


If you’re willing to fork over a few extra dollars for the look and feel of an at-home spa, these waffle towels from Parachute won’t disappoint. Each towel will run you just under 40 bucks, but the honeycomb weave is guaranteed to leave you with a stylish and quick-drying product. Each towel is made from 100% long-staple Turkish Cotton and features a ¼-inch self-hem to give them a clean and modern finish. They’re also free from harmful synthetic dyes. You will have to provide them with a little extra TLC when laundry day rolls around (wool dryer balls are always recommended), but overall it’s worth it for the luxurious, quick-drying feel.

Brown waffle towels Courtesy of Parachute


5. Great Bay Home 100% Cotton Quick-Dry Bath Towel Set


If you want the plush feel of cotton towels with an extra-absorbent design, these budget-friendly towels tick all the right boxes. Each set comes with four woven cotton towels designed to absorb more liquid than regular towels. They’re also 100% cotton and come in eight different colors, and reviewers report that they hold up well in the wash and are, indeed, super absorbent.

Courtesy of Amazon


6. Utopia Towels – Luxurious Jumbo Bath Sheet


Need more proof that an absorbent, quick-drying towel doesn’t need to be flimsy? Look no further than this oversized pick, which has become an Amazon favorite. The two-pack towels are woven with 100% ring-spun cotton, which is designed to be soft but durable. It also happens to be great at absorbing extra moisture. The sets come in 10 different colors, but the real selling point is their size: each towel is 35 x 70 inches big so that you can wrap yourself up nice and tight after each and every bath or shower.

Jumbo quick drying towels Courtesy of Amazon


7. Mallorca Beach Towel


If you want a classic, good-looking beach towel that’s the perfect texture and density but is also absorbent enough to dry you off after every dip in the water, this is the ideal option. It’s a large, quick-dry towel with cool nautical stripes and hand-knotted fringe, made from Turkish Aegean cotton for a soft and plush feel. As far as beach towels go, this one satisfies all requirements.

mallorca beach towel Courtesy of Serena and Lily


8. Rainleaf Microfiber Towel


There are some trips where you have no idea what the lodging situation will be or what amenities will be provided. In those instances, you need to bring your own towel. This microfiber towel rolls up to be super compact, feels like soft suede against your skin, absorbs five times more water than its weight and still dries extremely fast. It’s the perfect packable travel towel that’ll come in handy when you find yourself at the beach or in need of a shower with towels nowhere in sight.

rainleaf microfiber towel Courtesy of Amazon


9. Onsen Bath Towel


This luxurious waffled bath towel is not only seriously airy and lightweight, but it also absorbs water better than many of the plush towels on the market. The whole Onsen motto is that a dry towel is a clean towel, so all of their offerings are specifically designed to dry at record speed. The open weave Supima cotton is strong, resilient and as absorbent as possible so that you can avoid ever reaching for a damp, musty towel ever again.

onsen bath towel Courtesy of Onsen


10. Organic Quick-Dry Textured Towels


If buying organic in all product categories is important to you, these are some great quick-dry towels to invest in. They come in bath, hand and washcloth sizes, have a cool ribbed texture and are designed for fast drying. There are also many fantastic color options, and they manage to remain lightweight despite the soft, two-ply thickness.

organic quick dry towels Courtesy of West Elm


11. Gilden Tree Premium Waffle Weave Bath Towels


These lightweight, breathable, waffled cotton towels are mildew-resistant but soft, and according to plenty of online reviewers, they hold up wash after wash. Some users even swear the towels get comfier as they age. They come in a set of two and are available in all colors to suit your specific bathroom décor needs. When you first open them, they are oversized because they shrink down to create unique honeycombs that will wick away moisture even faster after that first wash.

quick drying towels in white Courtesy of Amazon


12. Green Earth Quick-Dry Bath Towel by Micro Cotton


These towels don’t just dry quickly for your best shower yet; they’re also made from eco-friendly, micro-cotton materials so you can feel good about your purchase from the inside out. The company claims these are the “perfect” towels since they’re not too heavy and not too light, and they’re textured and made with moisture-wicking properties so that you can be dry and on your way in a matter of seconds. They’re also stylish and come in nine different colors, a bonus in our bathroom books.

Eco friendly quick drying towels Courtesy of The Company Store


13. Aerospin Quick-Dry Organic Sculpted Towels


If you’re looking for a classy, quick-drying towel with a more personal touch, Pottery Barn offers you the best of the bathroom world with these top-notch, monogrammed towels. Buy them as is, or throw your initials on there for a small additional cost. Still, either way, these 100% organic cotton towels are woven using an advanced spinning technique that allows more air to pass through the fibers, drying quickly and efficiently after every shower or bath.

Quick drying towels Courtesy of Pottery Barn


14. PackTowl Personal Towel


Depending on the length, camping trips often involve swimming and, hopefully, a shower or some sort of river bathing situation. In either of those instances, you’ll want to have a towel on hand that’s easy to pack and dries super quickly to avoid the build-up of bad smells. This one comes in three sizes for beach, body or hand, is made from a super-soft microfiber blend, and it’s antimicrobial for added odor-reducing power. It also folds up into the included pouch for easy travel or storage.

packtowel quick dry towel Courtesy of REI


Why Buy Quick-Drying Towels?

Throwing a quick-drying towel in your suitcase or weekend bag makes sense since it takes up less room and is likely to dry quicker than classic cotton towels. That also makes them way easier to pack back up. But it’s worth considering a quick-drying towel in your home bathroom, too, since these fabrics tend to be more odor- and mildew-resistant. Plus, since they dry faster (as the name implies), they’ll feel fresher and ready to use even quicker than your standard fluffy towel may feel after hanging around in a humid bathroom all day.

These towels are also a great choice to pack for the gym, beach or any place where you’ll need to dry off but won’t have a lot of time to wait around. Additionally, they’re also a good pick for those who suffer from any skin or eye conditions, as they typically suppress or kill germs and organism growth. An added bonus? That means you won’t have to wash them as frequently as you do a regular towel.


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