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This Multifunction Table Is Also a Refrigerator, Charging Station and Bluetooth Sound System

* A table, fridge, charging station and sound system in one
* Each refrigeration drawer can be individually controlled
* Two built-in USB ports, HiFi 4.0 Bluetooth speakers

If you love having your friends over to watch the game, but hate making beer runs back and forth to the kitchen, we’ve got the answer to your prayers. The multi-function Refrigerator Coffee Table from PRIMST is a coffee table, mini fridge, charging station and sound system all rolled into one. 

Independent dual zone technology means each refrigeration drawer can be individually controlled. If you open one drawer, the other continues to cool. Plus you can maintain different temperatures in each drawer. Use one to store your wine just below room temperature and the other to keep your beer cold and refreshing.

Because the Refrigerator Coffee Table has two built-in USB ports, you’ll never have to find an outlet or leave your phone in another section of the room. You can watch TV and plug your phone into the table so that it stays fully charged and is always right at your fingertips.

Finally, the Refrigerator Coffee Table function as a Bluetooth sound system. Outfitted with HiFi 4.0 Bluetooth speakers, it has a 10 meter range and is compatible with televisions, mobile phones, iPads and MP3 players.

For a house party, viewing the big game or just a casual night in, this Refrigerator Coffee Table is the ultimate in convenience. Everything you need is right in front of you.

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