Did You Feed The Dog? Here’s Your Handy Reminder To Never Forget Fido

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* A helpful wall chart to prevent dog feeding confusion
* Mount-anywhere design with simple sliders to record feeding
* Great way to encourage responsibility in kids

“Did you feed the dog?” It’s an all-too familiar question with an often familiar answer: “I can’t remember.” Enter the DYFTD feeding record chart, which is made to prevent such daily occurrences and provide an easy way to keep track of feeding your dog twice a day… no more and no less.

With an elegant silver design, the DYFTD wall chart features 14 movable sliders (morning and evening for every day of the week), each with a green side to indicate when the dog has been fed. To use the chart, you simply move every slider to unmarked at the start of the week and then move them over one-by-one as you for each of the week’s meals.

Did You Feed The Dog?

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The easy-to-use chart is roughly the size of two standard wall switches and made from high-impact ABS plastic. Its simple design makes it great for mounting anywhere close to the dog’s bowl, whether that’s on a wall, fridge or even the dishwasher. You also have the choice of a magnetic or tape attachment if you don’t want to use screws.

Your DYFTD chart is a great way to give your kids a simple, recordable chore. They’ll help you with feeding the dog, and you’ll teach them about responsibilities around the house.

In addition, remembering to feed the dog just twice a day can have an impact on your dog’s health. This way, your pooch will maintain a healthy diet without being over or under fed. While it may seem like your dog’s eagerness to eat may be an indication it hasn’t eaten yet, dogs will happily eat until overfed, not unlike many people.

Providing an easy way to keep track of your pet’s feeding schedule, the “Did You Feed The Dog?” record chart is a cheap and simple way to solve one of the major problems in a dog owner’s daily life.

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