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SPY Guide: 7 Retro Items To Outfit Your Kitchen

* A range of retro items to transform your kitchen into a 20th century masterpiece
* Great for a complete makeover or a fun, individual throwback
* Includes a clock, napkin dispenser, bread bin and coffee maker

With the current retro revolution, it’s only right that at least one room in your house undergoes a time traveling makeover. Get it filled with a range of stylish decorations and fun devices. When you try to decide which of the rooms in your house to transform, consider this range of functional kitchen pieces.

Imagine enjoying your meals in a set straight out of Grease. From grabbing a cup of coffee from your retro machine to having your toast pop out of a diner-inspired toaster, each of the pieces adds to the fun 50s theme and, depending on your age, might transport you back to the mealtimes of the past.

1. TableCraft Coca-Cola Napkin Dispenser

Grab your napkins straight from out of the 60s with this stylish Coca-Cola-adorned napkin dispenser. Featuring the classic “Have a Coke” slogan next to the company’s world famous logo, Coke lovers will get a kick out of this red napkin holder. It’s solidly built with a complete metal construction and can hold up to 100 folded napkins.


2. Lilyshome Retro Kitchen Clock

This retro kitchen clock is sure to cause a little confusion as you try to decide whether you’re reading it in 2017 or from the middle of the 1960s. The timepiece features more than a standard clock face. It also includes a handy room temperature dial and a one-hour timer, although your retro kitchen may be modern enough that Alexa can take care of the timing. The timepiece is created from tough and durable plastic and comes in a crowd-pleasing cream color to blend in with any kitchen decor.

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3. Typhoon 3-Piece Canister Set

This set of Typhoon canisters is the ideal balance between function and style. The three canisters can each hold up to 27 ounces and are printed to say “Tea,” “Coffee” and “Sugar.” Each canister comes with gasket sealed lids to ensure your pantry items remain fresh. Plus, the retro blue color-coated steel looks amazing with the simple font to complete the blast-from-the-past feel.

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Image courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond[/caption]


4. Now Designs Bread Bin

The Now Designs bread bin is the perfect accompaniment to the Typhoon 3-piece canisters described above. It boasts plain retro text and blue, red, white and black color options to help you match the rest of your kitchen items. The bread bin measures 16 inches long and 9 wide, which is the right size for holding a large loaf of bread. Plus, the easy-swing lid has a handle to make the opening and closing action a breeze.


5. Nostalgia Retro 3-in-1 Breakfast Station

This complete breakfast station has everything you need to get your day off to the perfect start. Featuring a built-in coffee maker, multi-function toaster and non-stick griddle, you can have your toast, bacon, sausage and coffee made within inches of each other. This Nostalgia product comes with a removable oven tray to make putting things in and taking things out easier, while the coffee pot can produce up to 4 cups of the hot stuff. The station is available in both red and blue to help complete that 60s throwback feel.


6. Coaster Home Furnishings Retro Bar Table

Do you miss going down to the soda fountain with your high school sweetheart on a Friday night? Soak up that good old days feel by installing this retro chrome finish bar table in your kitchen. Modeled after the 1950s diner style, the frame is plated in chrome and the durable surface comes in either white or black. Buy two bar stools to match for the ideal retro dining area.


7. Smeg 50s-Style Toaster

Besides major appliances, the last piece of retro kit you need to complete your 20th century kitchen is a toaster. In this version, the gorgeous Smeg style meets functionality. Each toaster features a bubble lever, two extra-wide bread slots with self-centering racks, a pop-up function and a removable crumb tray. Plus, you’ll get the perfect amount of brown every time with the defrost, bagel and reheat functions.  

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Image courtesy of Nordstrom[/caption]


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