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Review: Do Sunday’s Smart Lawn Care Plans Work? I’m 100% Convinced They Do

Lawn maintenance is the ultimate keeping up with the Jones’s battle. Your choices are simple — deploy the best and most effective weaponry possible as soon as possible, or be that house on the block.

As with any battle, the costs can escalate quickly, as can the fallout. Lawn services are expensive, and most of them are blasting your yard with powerful but nasty herbicides and pesticides. You can DIY it, of course, but even then, if you’re not doing some very careful label-reading, you’re going to be covering your yard in substances that aren’t good for the local food chain, your pets, or your own health.

Sunday lawn care service got our attention by promising customized, curated, all-natural lawn care delivered to your home. DTC organic lawn care is a bold proposition when you live in the ‘burbs and almost every other house is rocking an emerald-green weed-free lawn, complete with a yard sign touting the lawn service they’re paying for. So we contacted Sunday and decided to give it a shot.

Keep reading for our full Sunday lawn care review and find out if this personalized landscaping service is worth it. If you decide to give this smart lawn service a shot, be sure to use the code GOEARTH20 at checkout to save 20%.

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Courtesy of Sunday

What Is Sunday Lawn Care?

Sunday is a direct-to-consumer company that uses a combination of technology and natural lawn care products to revitalize your home’s yards. Or, as Sunday puts it, “With guidance and custom nutrients, we help you cultivate rich, living soil for a healthy lawn that’s more self-sustaining. Instead of brute force, we use cutting-edge plant science to get back to how nature is supposed to work.”

Sunday’s homepage gives a 2012 statistic from the US Fish and Wildlife Service stating that 90 million pounds of pesticides are deployed on lawn care every year, and it’s a safe bet that number has only increased in the past 10 years. Their offer is twofold: all-natural nutrients, like iron, molasses, seaweed, and potassium; plus a program customized to your specific lawn based on the results of a soil test. There’s nothing you need to provide but a hose.

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Mike Fazioli |

Review: My Sunday Experience

Sunday provided a subscription to for editorial review, but I want to break down the costs regardless, as I know that’s an important consideration for any homeowner. I signed up for the Smart Lawn Plan for $249 and added on 5 pounds of Fescue Rescue seed for overseeding ($78), and a bottle of Dandelion Doom Concentrate Refill spray ($22). Grand total: $349. Compared to my lawn service costs from last season, I’m already saving over $600. 

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Mike Fazioli |

Days later — much faster than I expected — the kit showed up, and as Sunday promised, all you have to provide is a garden hose. The quantities were based on the size of my lot. The soil-test kit was included, with a small bag to be filled with soil from 3 separate areas of my yard, and a postage-paid box to send it back to Sunday.

Better still, the Sunday plan comes with a personalized online dashboard, complete with a satellite image of your yard, and tons of useful information and instructions specifically for your yard. The soil test results popped up within 2 weeks — again, well ahead of the 4-6 weeks estimate — and the dashboard also tells you when to apply your lawn food, when to start mowing, your local weather, and more.

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Mike Fazioli |

That bit about when to apply? Very important. Our first Sunday box sat in the garage for a couple of weeks longer than expected, because this is how our lawn looked in the third week of April…

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April 17… Come on, weather. Mike Fazioli |

Like a lot of Americans, it seemed like this winter would never end. Even here in Michigan, this is unusual weather for April. But once things finally warmed up and the Sunday dashboard gave the green light to put down the Mighty Green Nitrogen Lush Growth, it was an easy hour of walking over the yard and applying the three hose-end bags of food. A week later, the Fescue Rescue overseeding took place.

After that? Watch and wait, anxiously. The lawn was dormant and brownish when we did the soil testing, but growing season was on now, and we were eager to see if we would see a thick, lush lawn, or a spotty, weedy lot that would make us into that house on the block.


Sunday Lawn Care: The Results

Survey says? Sunday is an unqualified success, at a fraction of the cost of a pro lawn service, and without any of the harmful ingredients that so many lawn services and products use. The lawn is thick, healthy, and weed-free. We still haven’t had a chance to use the Dandelion Doom Concentrate, but in a week or so we will see if we need to deploy the Mosquito Deleto spray, which again is all-natural and free of toxins.

As a product reviewer, I try to approach each review with some skepticism, and Sunday makes some big promises about its smart lawn care plans. Still, consider me convinced. I’m very impressed with the end results, which you can see for yourself:

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May 14…Eureka! Mike Fazioli |

What’s next? According to the Sunday dashboard, the second shipment goes out in about 3 weeks, consisting of Grass Powerhouse and Active Lawn supplements. Same deal — they arrive in hose-end bags, and it’s a quick and easy walk thru the yard to put it down. A third box of Fall Fortify will come at the end of the season to help put the lawn to bed for winter.

You can find all sorts of non-lawn goodies on the Sunday site as well, including perennials and trees, sorted by whether or not they are likely to thrive in your yard. That “91% match” or “not a match” tag on the photo is invaluable when choosing plants to beautify your yard.

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Still have questions? The Sunday plan comes with an advisor email, which we used. We received a reply from the Sunday team within 24 hours. The FAQ and guide pages are robust, including videos for everyone from newbies to experts. The phone line is manned seven days a week.


Do We Recommend Sunday Smar Lawn Care?

So is Sunday worth it? One hundred percent. Not only did I achieve phenomenal results with Sunday, but this service also let me save money compared to my landscaping costs in 2021.

A customized, all-natural lawn program at this price is amazing, and right now plans are 20% off when you use the code GOEARTH20 at checkout. Plus Sunday is running a “get $50, give $50” referral program. (This would also be a great Father’s Day gift if you’re looking for gifts for dad.)

We love it all — the dashboard is incredibly useful, the shipping is fast, the customer service is outstanding, and best of all, the products work and work well. There are products well beyond what we have used too, including ones to defend your lawn against heat, drought, and pests including ticks, fleas, and fire ants. Plus there’s an excellent stock of fruit trees, and annual and perennial plants and shrubs, with the all-important recommendation of whether or not they will thrive in your yard.

Winning the lawn wars naturally and saving a pile of money is easy like Sunday morning.