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Review: The TrueUp Hanging System Helped Me Hang Frames Straight on the First Try

While I have great aspirations to become a DIY expert, I’m not what you would call ‘handy.’ I can do the basics – change a lightbulb, tighten loose knobs, clear a drain, paint a room (as long as there aren’t too many corners), etc. And yes, I can and have hung many pictures, but it’s a process that typically results in several additional holes in my wall and a tense atmosphere between my husband and I. That’s why I was very excited to try out one of the latest home helper products, the TrueUp Hanging System.

Whether you buy or rent your home, hanging photos and artwork is one of the best ways to make a space feel like your own. But making a Pinterest-worthy collage of artwork on your wall or hanging one large piece of artwork so that it’s centered and level can be a daunting task even for seasoned DIYers. The TrueUp Hanging System is designed to help everyone from newbies to the next HGTV star hang their frames straight on the first try while leaving walls hole and sticky-tape free. That also means less bickering with the person you share walls with.

The TrueUp Hanging System: At A Glance

  • Easy to use
  • Doesn’t mark walls
  • Can hold large frames
  • No hammer or nails required
  • Mounts can be reused
  • More expensive than nails or Command Strips
  • Adhesive won’t work on textured walls
  • Max weight: 8 pounds
  • Adhesive strips work in 10 seconds
  • Sold in 3 or 6 packs

What Is The TrueUp Hanging System?

The TrueUp Hanging System is designed to help customers hang frames without the use of nails and without leaving marks or holes on walls. Unlike other hanging systems that use adhesive strips, TrueUp Hanging System includes a sliding back, making it simple to place frames on the wall and remove them with minimal effort. The TrueUp Hanging System also includes a removable level that helps to ensure frames are hung level each time.

Available in three and six-packs, the TrueUp Hanging System includes a wall mount that uses an adhesive strip to attach to the wall, a frame adaptor with an adhesive that sticks to frames, and a level and extra adhesive strips.

What We Liked About The TrueUp Hanging System

Attaching the wall mount was simple and fast and we liked that the level fits directly onto the wall mount. Using the TrueUp system meant I was able to quickly hang pictures level on the first try, something I’ve yet to do in past projects.

Level picture hung on the first attempt. Allison Bowsher / SPY

It’s simple to slip the frame adaptor out of the wall mount anytime you want to remove the frame or canvas, which is especially useful for those who like to swap out pictures in their frames on the regular.

The TrueUp Hanging System advertises that it won’t leave any marks on walls after the adhesive is removed and this claim held true.

Mark-free wall after Wall Mount was removed. Allison Bowsher / SPY

If you’re into making wall collages, the TrueUp Hanging System is great because frames can easily slide off the wall mount and be swapped with other frames until you get your desired arrangement.

What We Didn’t Like About The TrueUp Hanging System

Using the wall mount is straightforward, but I struggled quite a bit to attach the adaptor. After troubleshooting and googling, I learned that you may have to get creative with some frames and canvases when applying the adaptor.

I had to remove the hard cardboard backing on my frame before the adaptor would fit and I also had to flatten the pieces of metal that hold the cardboard backing in place. Once I did that, the adaptor fit and worked perfectly. I would like to see TrueUp include more information on how to fit adaptors onto frames and canvases since, in my opinion, this is the part that can trip users up.

TrueUp Applicator installed after pushing metal hardware down. Allison Bowsher / SPY

The wall mounts can be reused after they’ve been removed from the wall, but a new adhesive must be applied. At this time, TrueUp doesn’t sell replacement adhesive strips. Once they do, customers will have even more freedom to hang, remove and rehang their frames. I made the mistake of removing the wall mount to check for damage and then trying to reuse it with the same adhesive. The adhesive cannot be reused – don’t try this. I have the broken frame to prove why this is a bad idea.

The Verdict: Perfectly Level Pictures Every Time

The TrueUp Hanging System is a user-friendly device that makes it simple to hang frames or canvases without marking walls. Its built-in level allows for perfect hanging technique on the first try and the sliding Wall Mount and Adaptor pairing mean users can rotate their frames or canvases as much as they like. While the TrueUp Hanging System is more expensive than other methods, including nails and Command Strips, its built-in level and sliding mounts make it more convenient and help to eliminate the chance of crooked pictures.

Should You Buy It?

Yes. If you’re looking for the quickest, easiest way to hang frames and canvases like a pro, the TrueUp Hanging System is a big help. It is more expensive than alternatives, but when factoring in the price of frames, canvases, artwork, and photo prints, it’s a negligible price that helps make your art and photos look great.