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This YouTube Star’s Board Game Is Back In Stock

* YouTube sensation Ricky Dillon has created a twist on the classic Truth or Dare
* The game features a “Twisted” card, where you decide which player it “most likely” applies to
* Dillon has gathered over three million subscribers and 270 million video views

Ricky Dillon, a YouTube personality and singer/songwriter who has gathered over three million subscribers and 270 million+ video views, has released his very own board game, a fun twist on truth or dare. The game, “Ricky Dillon’s Twisted Truth or Dare,” sold out upon its release but is now back in stock.

“Twisted Truth or Dare” includes 300 playing cards — 75 truth, 75 dare, and 150 twisted — where you decide which person the card “most likely” applies to.

Dillon has been active on YouTube for more than seven years, where he posts videos of himself singing original music as well as covers, in addition to vlogs. The 25-year old is based in LA, and has amassed 3.4 million Twitter followers and 2.6 million Instagram followers in addition to his YouTube following. Dillon, an avid truth or dare fan, wanted to create a twist on the classic game, while also creating something he could play with his friends for a fun night at home.

However, even if you’re not a fan of Dillon’s, you can still enjoy the game, which is designed for ages 13+ and groups of three or more. The first person to get ten Twisted cards loses, but there’s plenty of time for antics in the mean time with tricky truth questions and outrageous dares.

Our suggestion: grab some popcorn, turn up the music and buy the game for an impromptu gathering with friends and family. It makes a great housewarming or back to school gift, too.

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