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The Hardest Easy Party Game Is Also the Most Addictive: Check Out These Great Ring and Hook Setups

You’ve seen it, you’ve played it, but do you know what to call it? No worries, there are multiple correct answers — Tiki Toss, the Bimini Ring Game, Ring on a String, Wallhooky. Or, as we call it, “that ring and hook game that we never win at.” By any name (and since we’re telling the story we’ll go with “ring and hook game”), it’s amazingly fun, incredibly addictive, and awesomely easy to set up both indoors and out.

Rules? There Are Rules?

Of course, there are rules. It only looks like a bunch of people with cold drinks in one hand slinging a ring at a hook and missing more with every cold drink. You can play it one of two ways:

Simple Style: Easy — decide how many points you want to play to, take turns, first one to get the ring onto the hook that many times wins.

Tournament Style: Now it gets fun:

  • 1 point: The ring hits the hook once and makes a ‘ting’ sound
  • 2 points: The ring hits the hook twice and makes two ‘ting’ sounds
  • 5 points: The ring lands on the hook

The player who is first to score 21 points wins!

How and Where to Set It Up?

Also easy. You can set it up indoors or out, but this game is traditionally played on a porch or backyard deck. The set you buy will almost definitely come with instructions, but there are a few basic measurements to keep in mind:

  • The board with the hook should be four or five feet from the floor;
  • The string with the ring should be about four or five feet from the board, fixed to a ceiling

That’s it. Some ring and hook games now come with a telescoping pole so you can set up outdoors away from a ceiling.

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Then there’s a little experimentation you need to do. Does the ring reach the hook? Is it too high or low? Take a little slack out of the string or add as needed. Once it’s set up, you’re in business. Grab one of these setups and start swinging!


1. GETMOVIN SPORTS Hook and Ring Swing DIY Kit


A hook, a ring, and a string. Easy-to-read instructions included. Party games don’t get any more simple than this. Pick a place in the game room or the patio, measure it off, screw in the hook and the eye hook for the string, and have at it. Pick that place well, though, because this basic kit does not lend itself to any kind of portability. But hey, for thirteen bucks? Buy two and put one in the game room AND one on the patio.

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Courtesy of Amazon

2. Ring and Hook Game by Sliver Woodworking


We love the fact that this is a small-batch product made in the USA. We also love that it has a 48-inch extender arm so you’re not locked into needing a ceiling, and love even more the cool design trick that allows you to remove the arm and stash it into the frame for compact storage. This set also comes with three different size rings: 3 inches for easy play, and 1.5 and 1 inches for the experts. You’ll pay more for this set, but we love supporting small businesses, especially when they make something well.

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Courtesy of Amazon

3. Tiki Toss Hook and Ring Toss Game


Something about this game begs to be played at a beachside bar with sand between your toes and a warm breeze at your back. Tiki Toss is one of the premier makers of this game, and their site sports an enormous selection of really good-looking boards made of 100% bamboo. We love the bottle board, which sports an opener and is magnetic to hold your bottle caps.

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Courtesy of Amazon

4. Viva Sol Premium All-Wood Walnut Finish Hook and Ring Target Game


The Tiki Toss boards are pretty, but there’s something about the Viva Sol Premium board that we can’t take our eyes off of. The all-wood 8-inch board with the brown walnut finish is simple and elegant, in case you’re thinking lake house instead of island motif. The hook and ring are both oil-rubbed bronze, adding to the effect. Viva Sol says the board is portable, and can be affixed with two-sided no-damage wall tape. Call us a little dubious on that part, since any tape strong enough to withstand hours of hook and ring play is also likely strong enough to do a number on our walls. But that’s a nibbling detail about an overall great product.

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Courtesy of Amazon